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Raising awareness of mission

Practical Suggestions for Raising Awareness of Mission in your Church.


  • For lots of great ideas and resources to inspire and engage people to pray for the nations click here.
  • Operation World is the definitive prayer guide to every nation and a great resource to use in your church.


  • God's heart for mission from Genesis through to Revelation.


  • Raise awareness of missionaries by mentioning them in the Sunday service, bulletin or newsletter and by including them regularly in the prayers.
  • Take regular opportunities to update your church on what has been happening in your ‘Missions Family’ through interviews (Skype), testimonies, videos etc.
  • Have a rolling PowerPoint before and after the service. This could include videos of different mission opportunities, missionaries, recommended books.
  • Link the church website page to the MAP website for up to date mission opportunities, events and news items.
  • Share mission related articles/mission opportunities to the Church Website, Facebook, Twitter, Website, Church magazine.
  • After Church MAP representatives can facilitate a seminar on an aspect of mission e.g. Human Trafficking, Bible Translation, Member Care, Global mission trends, Persecuted Church, Mission for Retirees, Gods Digital World. These seminars could also be tailored for children, young people, 20s–40s, families, retirees and could be run morning or evening.


  • Leave some Mission Matters/Serve Short term directories in the church foyer – flag them up at the front, giving some information to what they are about.To order these brilliant mission opportunity brochures click here.
  • Interview a young person on how a Short Term team has impacted their Christian walk (or interview a retired person who has also taken up this opportunity!)
  • Mentoring and coaching. This is increasingly important to the younger generation – they love to be mentored! If a young person expresses an interest in Mission, assign them a link person to walk with them through this process. Use gifting questionnaires to help people ascertain their niche. 
  • Have a missions’ link person and announce them from the front: “If you are interested in a mission opportunity please speak to…”
  • Factor in the Church’s Children’s and Youth Ministry when it comes to planning for Mission. 


  • Host a Safari supper – people bring different dishes from different countries (give a bit of info about the dish, country and missionaries working in that country – followed up by a time of prayer). 
  • Input from members of the Church family who have moved here from overseas – what is there view on the church and missions?
  • Create a prayer room over a space of a week, decorate it in such a way that people can pray for the world. Young people love this! 

Pedagogy (Education)

  • Book reviews! There are lots of great books on mission – Operation World by Jason Mandryk, Revolution in World Missions by K Yohannan, Give Me This Mountain by Dr Helen Roseveare. 
  • Get to know how the different generations work, how they link/relate with one another. What is the younger generations view of mission – how has that changed over the generations? What can the different generations teach each other?
  • It’s important that the whole congregation can get involved in supporting our missionaries so let them know how they can do that (MAP can help) before, during and after a missionary's assignment. 
  • Advertise night classes at Belfast Bible College, particularly their classes on mission.
  • Kairos Course. This is a brilliant tool that is used all over the world to inspire people in mission! This could be done over a series of evenings.