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Resources for youth leaders

MAP is the 'One -Stop Shop' to mission in Northern Ireland. We exist to help and serve you as you inspire young people about God's heart for mission. By working together MAP agencies have produced some cutting edge events, to inspire, mobilise, and equip young people about mission. These can be tailored to be part of your existing youth or church events with representatives from MAP available to come and facilitate. To find out more about what we can offer read on or, contact our office, email

Teaching Materials

How can churches inspire their congregations and young people to pray for the world, understand key issues affecting the global church and get involved in mission? We have tried to bring together some helpful resources, events and materials for young people.

Recommended Videos A selection of short mission-related videos to inspire and inform

Youth Group Activities Nothing is better than learning by activity and experience – some ideas to inspire.

Global Prayer Diary A daily world prayer guide - available for download or subscription


MAP Youth Events

Around The World in 60 Minutes

This Biblical, inspiring and motivational programme offers a virtual tour of other peoples and places, giving them a better sense of what is happening across the world today, and informing them about World Religions.

  •    Is Buddhism really as attractive as it appears, or is there a dark side?
  •    Is Islam a global threat for us to fear, or is it a world faith where many of its followers are beginning to search for answers to questions they are not allowed to ask?
  •    Meet ‘Mrs. Jonah’ and hear what it’s really like being married to History’s greatest runaway! (Drama)


What’s my Purpose in Life?

Do you ever wonder why you are here? Would you like to know more about how God can use you to reach others for Him?

This programme is designed to help young people find out more about the gifts God has given them and to help them consider His calling on their life.   Using the Christian Vocations Gifting Questionnaire we are available to work with young people and youth groups to help them explore their future.


Experience It!

This programme puts your young people in the shoes of others around the world. As it runs, they will find out what it would be like if they were:

  •  Trafficked – stolen, sold, abused.
  •  Deaf – isolated, unemployable, on the margin of society.
  •  Persecuted – No church, no Bible, no hope?

Attendees will also hear stories of people who are working with people and situations like these.


MAP Mini Series


A short series (4-6 weeks) of interactive, magazine style events which includes videos, activities, games and teaching. These can be tailored to suit your youth group .

Some suggestions:

  • God’s Heart for Mission
  • Mission Through the Bible
  • God’s Global Perspective
  • The World on our Doorstep
  • Islam and other Religion
  • Persecution, Fear and Faith
  • Discipleship
  • Human Trafficking
  • I Wanna do Something!
  • Unreached Peoples
  • Europe: The Forgotten Continent
  • Is Short – Term mission for you?
  • What’s God’s Purpose for my Life?
  • God’s Digital World
  • Girls Allowed
  • Standing for Justice
  • Love Latin America


MAP Agency Resources

MAP can also link you to the right agency or agencies who can help you more specifically in your role, provide you with speakers, resources, videos and ideas. Some of these agencies are listed below or visit the MAP directory.

Release International

Christians around the world face injustice, discrimination and persecution. We are committed to sharing the story of persecution, giving Christians the opportunity to hear what’s going on. Suitable for any youth, student, or church group, our resources are fully interactive, highly creative, challenging and fun! They can last an hour, an evening, or a full day

Youth Resources is external)

Student Resources is external)


Exodus is committed to seeing disciple making at the heart of youth ministry. We offer ideas, training, mission teams and mentoring opportunities for churches alongside access to a regular programme of events in Lisburn, Coleraine, Derry and Donegal. For further resources and contact see

The Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy Mission seeks to cure, care for and restore people’s lives who have been broken by the disease of leprosy. We have a specialised website and resource for young people who are interested in learning more about leprosy, and who might consider reaching out to those with leprosy and providing help and hope. Go to

Interested in finding out more? If so, then please fill in the MAP Enquiry Form or email our office, contact