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Member Care

According to Global Connections Guidelines for Good Practice in Member Care "Member Care is the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of mission personnel for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work"   

These Guidelines are designed to apply to any church or Christian organisation based in the UK which is sending staff or volunteers overseas. The principles apply to all personnel such as volunteers working overseas, and mission personnel and their families. 

Churches have a key role to play in ensuring mission partners are appropriately supported. Are your church and missions group well equipped? MAP run specific seminars and events to help churches care for their missionaries well from start to finish. If you would like to find out more about what we can offer contact us.

Visit the Supporting mission partners section of the Global Connections website for links to a range of extremely helpful resources looking at various aspects including pastoral and practical support, praying for your mission partners, relating to the sending agency, financial matters, re–entry support and more.

Prayer Shield is a 40 day prayer guide for 'sent ones' which helps us to pray for mission partners. It is an app which can be downloaded from the Google Store and the App Store

Re-entry Debriefing and Support

Re-entry debriefing and support is an integral part for those returning from mission. This includes short term mission. Global Connections have produced a Short-Term Mission Code of Best Practice to help churches, agencies and other organisations with short-term mission programmes operate at the highest standard of practice possible. A re-entry booklet has also been produced to go alongside this Code of Best Practice. If you are part of a local church, in the position of welcoming back those returning from mission in another culture and would like some help with re-entry debriefing and support please get in touch, our members have expertise in this area and we would be happy to support you in your Member Care.

Three must–read books

Families on the Move is the essential guide for those taking a family on a cross–cultural assignment – what to look out for, managing transition, continuity in change, how to build bridges back home and more. Sensitive, practical, moving and highly readable.

Burn–Up or Splash–Down?  While people anticipate that going overseas will require major changes, few anticipate the difficulties upon return. This encouraging book seeks to aid the re–entry process by identifying areas of potential struggle, dealing with emotional challenges and other issues in relocation, and facilitating a smooth transition.

Single Mission aims to encourage and equip single mission personnel, and help them be strong in faith, effective in ministry, resilient, and content with their lifestyle. An excellent resource to help us all understand the dynamics of single people in mission.

Supporting Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and Missionary Families

TCK Resource List July 2017: A comprehensive list of reading material covering many aspects of the TCK likfe, including TCK children, older TCKs, special needs and more.

Residency Status and University Admissions Nov 2016: Helpful summary regarding TCKs applying for university.

Praying for Missionary KidsA seven day prayer guide produced in consultation with many who work extensively with missionary children.

TCK GuidelinesGuidelines for developing policies and procedures for families and children serving overseas.

Needing more specialist help?

Are your mission partners in need of professional debriefing, mentoring or guidance?  Do they need help in finding their funding? Or perhaps you are looking for options to give them time on retreat? For further information about a whole range of member care services available to churches and mission partners based in Northern Ireland please get in touch.

Due to the closure of Healthlink360NI and Interhealth in the UK, Global Connections and MAP have compiled a list of member care service providers in Northern Ireland. MAP cannot vouch for any individual service provider. This is not an exhaustive list and additional recommendations would be welcome.

  • Sylvia Hadden - (Belfast. A former missionary doctor who offers counselling)
  • Joy Gowdy - (Provides counselling and trauma support to people in mission and in ministry. Telephone and Skype support is also available).
  • Brenda Kelso - (Educational Psychologist / Biblical counsellor who offers counselling support to individuals and families on a range of issues.)
  • Pauline Wilson - (Biblical counsellor, part of the Biblical Counselling NI group and works in pastoral care at Belfast Bible College.)
  • Comhlámh - (Dublin. Runs re-entry events & courses, debriefing and counselling.)
  • TMB - (A Chrisitan owned company with 22 branches)