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MAP updates

Changes in Healthlink360 service provision

There are some changes to Healthlink360 service provision for missionaries who are based in Northern Ireland. 

While Healthlink360 remain committed to providing a high standard of medical, psychological and travel health care for Northern Ireland clients, as a Christian Charity, they are mindful to be good stewards of the resources they have. In order to continue to support all of clients in the best possible way, Healthlink360 have therefore decided to consolidate services to the base in Scotland. 
Healthlink360 purpose built premises, on the outskirts of Edinburgh are ideally suited to provide expert medical, emotional and travel health care under one roof. You can arrange appointments by contacting Healthlink360 at or phoning 0131 653 6767.
Healthlink360 would generally recommend that appointments for medical, personal review or psychological assessments for Northern Ireland clients are carried out at our Carberry clinic in Scotland. Where travel is difficult or impossible, Healthlink360 are able, when appropriate, to offer personal reviews or psychological assessments by Skype. For young people embarking on short term placements overseas there is an on-line health screening available. For those requiring emotional support while overseas, remote counselling by skype or telephone can offered.
Where there is a need for clients to attend in person, there are a variety of low cost flights each day from Belfast to Edinburgh. It should in many cases be possible to provide medicals and a psychological service for individuals and families within the one day. If overnight accommodation is required, there is a Premier Inn (Craig House, Musselburgh)  less than a mile from our premises.
Healthlink360 believe this work has been right for HealthLink360 for a season. We can celebrate that Healthlink360 have managed to provide around 160 medicals and 400 psychological service appointments in Northern Ireland over the past 4 years! Healthlink360 are pleased to have been able to offer their services in Northern Ireland and very much hope  to continue the relationship with mission agencies in Northern Ireland into the future.