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Moving from vision to practice: making Fullness of Life practical
Closing talk at the Global Connections conference 2016
A paper looking at diversity and skills audit with suggested templates for helping a Board govern effectively.
A paper looking at what makes an effective Chair and the relationship with the CEO
A paper looking at what makes an effective Board, what governance is and what models can be used to help a Board govern effectively.
Guidance to help CEOs plan for change, engage well, make good decisions and ensure a good future when moving on from an organisation.
Recommended resources/reading list for the Global Connections International HR Forum event, Nov 2012
Paper presented to the Global Connections Short-Term Mission Forum event, Oct 2011
A paper looking at issues that need to be addressed when mergers are being considered - May 2010
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Harvey Kwiyani as our new Chief Executive Officer.