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We look for opportunities to help the poorest of the poor.

In 2002 two of us visited India, discussed with our friends there the need for primary education for the rag-pickers in a poor slum area, and agreed to do something about it on the flight home. Later that year the school opened with 117 children getting basic education for the first time.

In India our local partners do all the hard work, taking in orphans, housing discarded women, loving the unloved, the lost and the lonely. We provide some money, some prayer support, a bit of practical advice, and a commitment to enduring support.

We look for opportunities to help the poorest of the poor:– in a one room house where the broken sewing machine and drunken husband birthed our micro-finance project, on the rubbish tip by Agape School where many have cried, and then turned to righteous anger and determination to provide food for body, mind and spirit for the outcasts.