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Transforming communities through education.

Aprender is an education charity working in inner city neighbourhoods in Brazil and refugee schools in Lebanon, where trauma is common and resources are scarce. We are passionate about empowering and transforming communities, bringing hope particularly to those who are disadvantaged. To see communities nurtured is at the heart of our model of school improvement, which we call Apto. 

We have extensive experience in working in a cross-cultural setting fusing best international and local education practice. Over the last six years we have developed a model that is pragmatic, practical and principled that helps local educators, no matter where they are based, to raise the quality of teaching and learning and invests in school leaders to develop systematic school self-evaluation. We work in partnership with a Brazilian NGO called Total Educação e Cultura. Our clients find our approach refreshing and adaptable, not only in bringing know-how but also in valuing existing expertise and growing leadership skills to build sustainability.

Above all, we prioritise relationship as true transformation never happens outside of people sharing a common goal and heart for their community.