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Arab Vision raises funds for the production of Christian TV programmes in various Arabic dialects and languages.

Founded in 1997, Arab Vision produces an average of 200 programmes every year. Satellite broadcasting enables millions of Arabs to watch Christian programmes on TV in the privacy of their homes. Most programmes can also be accesses via the internet. We produce programmes in several Arabic dialects and in non-Arabic languages including Sourani (Kurdish), Somali and Kabyle (Algeria). Watching people share their faith in their own language - the language of the heart - has a tremedous impact.

Each 30-minute programme costs and average of £2,700 to produce, financed mainly by donations. 

What others say about us: "If there was ever a time that we need each other, pray for one another and approach the world in the Spirit of Jesus' love, it is now. I urge you to stand shoulder to shoulder with Arab Vision.' - Brother Andrew of Open Doors.