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Arab World Ministry of Pioneers(Edit)
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Affiliations and accreditations

Arab World Ministry of Pioneers seeks to share the gospel of Christ with Muslims of the Arab world wherever they may be found.

Our vision is to see Christ’s Church flourish among Arab peoples. We have been facilitating the local church in sending cross-cultural workers to the Arab world and Arab communities in Europe for more than 130 years.

We mobilise teams, together with other Pioneers offices, and equip them to glorify God among unreached peoples. These teams initiate church planting and discipleship movements in partnership with local churches.

AWM partners alongside those with a passion for God and a call to reach Arab Muslims. We place cross-cultural workers into existing church-planting teams or release them to start new teams. We also have people who use their specialist skills to reach out through cutting-edge technology (Arab World Media) or disciple believers effectively through PALM (Preparing Arab world leaders for Ministry), our theological and leadership training ministry.

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