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Sharing the love of Christ with university students, creating real community in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

Canvas is more than just a (great) place in Selly Oak. It’s a group of people that care about university students. We care about making sure they have a place to meet others, we care about making sure they feel that they belong, we care about giving back to our surrounding community in very tangible ways.

The Canvas House itself is full of life nearly every day of the week. Everything happens here from free dinners to live music to games of Catan. There’s always free coffee and tea on and people to chat with. We focus a lot on our environment and on our people so that everyone who comes through the door knows they’re welcome.

We are a Christian place with Christian staff and this is essentially what drives us. Our Christian faith pushes us to really want to take care of the people around us, not with strings attached, but because it’s the right thing to do. That’s it.