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Training spiritual leaders that shape the Church and influence the nations

Carey Outreach Ministries began in 1997 in response to a cry for help in training pastors for an association of Baptist Churches centred on Constanta, in south-east Romania. Since 2001, the work has rapidly expanded globally in recognition of the desperate need for solid Biblical training for indigenous leaders of the younger churches in the developing world.

There are two main arms to the work: (1) modular courses are taught in convenient locations to which leaders and trainees come for blocks of teaching for two or three weeks two or three times a year; (2) theological literature is produced under the publication banner of Carey Printing Press to provide a resource for the students' own study. 

Carey Outreach Ministries has always tried to focus on areas of the world where training opportunities and theological resources are in short supply. Its passion is to spread Reformed truth in order to encourage, equip and empower spiritual leaders to preach the gospel, and nurture believers more effectively. To date, training programmes have taken place in seventeen countries - Romania, the Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, other locations in the Far East, Cuba, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, the USA amongst the Hispanic Churches, Madagascar, Lebanon, and Egypt. In the past couple of years the following coutntires haven been the fields of ministry: Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Far East, Domincan Republic, Madagascar, Lebanon, and Egypt. The aim everywhere is to train key, capable national leaders, to equip them in turn to become trainers of others.

As a matter of principle Carey works alongside established associations or networks of churches, and serves under the leadership of indigenous church leaders. In each location there is a national co-ordinator, who is responsible for the administration and direction of the work in his country or region. Visiting Bible teachers, usually serving pastors, from North America and the UK, travel on short visits to lecture on a range of Biblical and theological subjects. There is a pool of about forty pastors available to travel with Carey at various frequencies. To ensure continuity, and a measure of cultural understanding, each visiting lecturer is linked with a particualr country. A syllabus of thirty courses covers the usual range of topics taught in a seminary or Bible College.

Carey has been accredited by the Florida Council of Private Colleges in the USA to offer degree level teaching as the Carey International University of Theology. Qualifications are available up to doctoral level. The idea is not to offer merely academic theology just for the sake of it. The goal is always to equip for ministry and to train preachers and pastors. However, it is recognised that in some cultures the possession of a paper qualification is a great asset. Where this is the case, Carey is glad to be able to help.

Carey's head office is in Canada. The UK branch was set up in 2008, when Jonathan Bayes was released by his church from the pastorate to devote himself full-time to this international teaching and training ministry. The UK team now numbers five visiting lecturers. Because of the nature of the work, there are three specific requirements for those who travel to teach under the Carey umbrella: (1) a committment to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith; (2) at least ten years’ experience in pastoral ministry; (3) a minimum of a Masters degree in a theological subject

Carey's publishing arm is developing slowly. To date two books have been published: Exploring C. H. Spurgeon's Key to Ministerial Success by Bob Penhearow (Carey's International President), and Systematics for God's Glory, Volume One by Jonathan Bayes (Carey's UK Director). These books are being translated into multiple languages to provide a resource for the churches worldwide. They are also available for purchase in the west. Proceeds from sales are channelled directly into the literature work. At present a project is also underway to put all the modules which make up Carey's basic syllabus on to DVD: this will make the teaching accessible to an even wider range of locations.