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Professional Coaching with a Spiritual Edge

As an ICF accredited and Strengths Champion Certified Coach, I am here to help you see change and transformation in the everyday things and in the things you feel most stuck with.

I primarily work with church leaders, entrepreneurs, business and charity leads.

I have been coaching since 2016 and am passionate about seeing you live 'fully alive.' I focus on CliftonStrengths, Goal Setting & Accountability and involve spiritual elements to coaching sessions that bring a combination of self awareness and envisioning for having consistent breakthrough and working towards your best year yet.

I’m not here to give you advice, or answers, or to fix things, but to facilitate you having the time and space to come up with your own solutions. You can expect me to be asking lots of questions, gently challenging you on the things that will bring breakthrough, and encouraging you to keep thinking things through from new perspectives.


I offer 3 types of coaching (all available for individuals and teams):

Goal Setting and Accountability - What if you knew where you want to be headed, what has been holding you back all this time, and had a way of tracking your progress towards positive change, every month? What if you had a one page plan of your values, principles to live your life by, and the exciting goals you are working towards? We start with a workshop to get you set up and more aware of your values, limiting beliefs and what your 'best year yet' could look like.  We then meet monthly to get excited about what’s going well, reflect on and make plans to improve on things for the following month and take time for some coaching on a topic of your choice.

Strengths Alignment – you take the CliftonStrengths Assessment and then have 5+ hours with me, unpacking what you are uniquely talented in and how to maximise your growth and joy both in the work place and beyond.

Clarity on your calling and purpose – 6+ sessions on finding out more about who you are and how your dreams, calling and purpose fit in with your current situation and future plans. This type of coaching can also involve lots of chatting to God!


I have the gift of administration, strategic thinking, a love for improvement and self development and am not put off or overwhelmed by big scale issues or the need to re-jig anything / everything. I think outside the box, am flexible and offer a mixture of consultancy and coaching to teams and individuals, alongside encouraging a love of and ability to hear from God daily. I believe you can find calm in the chaos, focus on the big picture without losing the finer details, and that making mid-course adjustments to your plans and decisions isn’t something to fear.

Bring on the change!