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The CMM exists to train local churches and organisations FOR missions through coaching, consulting, advocacy, and our resources. Our goal is to see more people crossing cultures to share the love of Christ with others both near and far. This includes missions to migrants who have come to the UK as well as raising up missionaries to send overseas to least reached peoples. We can serve people, churches, and organisations locally and regionally.

Revelation 7:9 paints a picture of the end of the story: when every tribe, tongue, and nation worship Jesus Christ as our great King and Redeemer. While Christ has given us the task of reconciliation and making disciples of all nations and people groups, the task remaining is still great. 3 Billion people today still have little to no access to the gospel. They will live their entire lives never knowing a Christian, seeing a church, or hearing a Bible. We find most beleivers are unfamiliar with God's mission in the Bible, His mission through out history, how that connects to their life, and how they are invited, even commanded, to join Him in His redemptive pruposes. Let us help build the missions DNA of your church, revamp your missions strategy for fruitful, longterm, sustainable impact among the unreached. Let us help train mobilisers to train others in your ministry, and mobilise together with you through a varitey of tools and training. Most of our resources and trainings are little to no cost. We have tools for general missions awarness, small groups, large group trainings, childrens and family mobilisation, support raising, welcoming migrants and many more. See more at

Since 2001, the Center for Mission Mobilization has been mobilising the Church, building mission movements, and sending cross-culrutal workers to the unreached both near and far. Our mission is to point those who know and follow Jesus to those who come from peoples who have little to no access to the gospel. We aim to raise up thousands of new workers taking the good news of Jesus to the unreached both across the street and to ends of the earth.