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The Child Safety and Protection Network supports the common desire of like-minded mission agencies and international schools to provide safe and rich experiences for all children.

The vision for the CSPN has always been that it will have a global reach and be well represented across the international missions’ arena. Despite the fact that child abuse on the mission field and in international boarding schools is a real problem, mission agencies often tend to be unware and prepared in this area. Organisations face specific and unique challenges when dealing with safeguarding issues in countries or locations where the usual statutory processes may be under resourced or non-existent.  

CSPN is a rich resource of expertise and practical hands-on help. CSPN provides opportunities to network with those UK-based agencies and organisations who are looking to beef up their screening/recruiting/training of members & increasing the effectiveness of their response to safeguarding concerns.  

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Upcoming Events:

LIVE in Manila, Philippines
September 14-16, 2022
LIVE in Manila, Philippines
September 14-16, 2022
2023 CSPN Global Conference
LIVE in Orlando, FL 
March 22-25, 2023