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The main thrust of the work is support of indigenous ministries in eight countries worldwide, and church development in the UK. Also, life skills training and role modelling through basketball clubs in the UK.

Christians in Action UK has been established in the UK since 1965. In the early years it was primarily a training centre for missionaries and evangelism and started works in 8 countries worldwide. All of these ministries are now completely indigenous, although there are still some missionaries sent from the UK in different parts of the world.

Our main church in Addiscombe, Croydon is composed of as many as 15 nationalities and two other fellowships have grown up and are working in partnership in the London area. Christians in Action also networks with a number of local churches in Croydon and South London in an effort to see the Kingdom of God promoted in a larger scale.

Another ministry of Christians in Action UK is the CIA Basketball club which uses the medium of basketball to reach and develop young men and women at street level. CIA basketball is currently coaching in over 30 schools in 3 London boroughs and has programmes in two leisure centres. CIA also has two men's teams and soon will have a junior boys and a junior girls team. The goal is to develop discipline and teamwork as well as to provide life skills and positive male role models within the local community.