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DAI (Development Associates International) - Committed To Servant Leadership

In parts of the world where the church is growing fast, leaders often find themselves thrust into leadership positions for which they are ill-equipped. DAI is committed to developing the integrity and effectiveness of Christian leaders world-wide, so that the church can fulfil its role in extending God’s Kingdom.

Good and godly leadership can make a world of difference in the communities where the church is placed. DAI is passionate about helping Christian leaders, principally in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, become the leaders that God wants them to be. We help them to develop and demonstrate the biblical characteristics of servant leadership and enhance their overall leadership skills.

DAI has been working with leaders around the world since 1996. From the very beginning we started by listening to the needs of local church leaders. In response we have created training materials to help leaders grow in their effectiveness and integrity. The ultimate goal is to see a stronger local church which can deeply impact its community.