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DNA serves churches, develops leaders and makes 21st century disciples

DNA is an exciting 11 month journey of church based discipleship in the context of mission. It is for those who recognise their desire to be useful and fruitful in the kingdom of God but who are also humble enough to recognise their need for development. It is for you if you want to be in for the long haul. This isn't about a short sharp burst - this is foundations for life.

DNA is often described by the 1000+ trainees who have done the year as "the best and hardest year of my life". The reason is simple - when we give God space to make us more whole on the inside and we give him permission to develop our character - He takes us at our word.

DNA is a year of highs and lows as God seeks to take out of us some of our baggage and put back into us a bit more of his wholeness. What a way to spend your year in with God.

We aim to develop you in three main areas - your understanding, your skills development, but predominantly your character. Jesus seems to always be more interested in who we are than what we do.