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Representing and coordinating missional activity and operating community impacting projects as East Northants Community Services.

The ENFG is the coordinating body representing all faith based groups in East Northamptonshire District Council area. We seek to present issues of faith as they relate to our wider community. At present we represent 70 faith based groups from all branches of the main line Christian denominations, and we have a core membership of around 20 participating and supporting church groups. If you are in East Northants you are more than welcome to join us, or if from a wider geographical location to contact and engage with us as we seek to reach out in Missions for the Glory of God.

As a body we seek to co-ordinate efforts from all faith based groups involved in social action and communtiy based endeavours. We are affiliated to Faithworks as a national body and are committed to working towards fulfilling the Faithworks Charter. This is a challenging commission to be actively engaged in missional activity from our local communities, in a real and effective way. Putting missions on the agenda of local church and faith back into the heart of all of our communities.