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'Get where you want to go, become who you are meant to be.' Training and coaching for individuals and organisations.

Jenny Butter is an accredited Life and Career Coach. Her clients span five continents and are from all walks of life: senior executives to mission partners; recently redundant to youth; doctors to full-time parents.

Common coaching topics covered are whether it is right to stay on the mission field or your in current role; understanding who God has created you to be; developing a healthy work-life balance; finding a new career/job; CV development and job interview technique; and discovering how to become more engaged in mission and work. The coaching Jenny offers is holistic and looks at all of a person’s life.

In addition to coaching, Jenny runs work-life balance workshops and strengths based development workshop for managers and teams, based on Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder and occasionally runs retreats at Penhurst Retreat Centre.

"I greatly appreciated the time and effort that Jenny gave me. She showed great professionalism, warmth and a good sense of humour directed at helping me to better understand my own gifting and strengths for the purpose of helping me to find the best career fit. It felt great having someone listen to my hopes, dreams and fears and give wise counsel from a perspective I had never considered. She helped me dream bigger than I ever imagined and gave me more confidence to step out and try.  As a Christian working overseas, her own background and experience meant she could understand what I was talking about! Thanks a lot Jenny!" David Craigs, Uganda.

“I was at a major crossroads in my life: finishing work abroad, planning my return to the UK and changing my career. My time with Jenny, via Skype, was an important turning point that enabled me to evaluate my strengths, values and history. What I learnt from Jenny helped me with some difficult life changing decisions and has equipped me to plan for the future." Peter Nott, Mission Partner, CMS.

Coaching usually takes place via Skype. Each session is 60 minutes in length. Jenny is happy to offer reduced fees for mission partners and Christian workers.