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Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

Online Member Care with an experienced Clinical Psychologist

I am a UK-trained Christian Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about member care.

I will shortly be serving in Mozambique with Iris Global, while also offering online member care services to other agencies. 

Relevant Experience

I have over 25 years clinical experience of working with adults in the UK NHS. This includes:

  • expertise in eating disorders, stress, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, transition and loss.
  • experience of working with individuals, couples and groups. 
  • experience of staff development, mentoring, training and supervision.
  • specialist training in clinical supervision

I have been involved in overseas missions and member care since 2004. For example:

  • 2 years overseas service in Mozambique with my husband and children
  • first-hand experience of the issues that can arise overseas including the disappointments, losses and adjustments of re-entry
  • many years of part-time work for a missions agency, providing member care both in the UK and overseas
  • experience of pre-field assessment, training, debriefing, counselling and therapy
  • author of  "The Ruby: a re-entry survival story" 

For more information, please visit my website.