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Transforming Communities through Christ's Love

Since its inception, GFA has had one focus: to show the love of Christ to people in Asia who have never heard His name before. By God’s grace, that’s happening, and countless first-generation believers are growing in the grace and knowledge of their Lord and Saviour. 

In Asia today, there is a movement of God so powerful that it has been described as one of the greatest opportunities for the Church. And it is one that you and I have been given the once-in-a-lifetime privilege to join! 

Yet like all opportunities, we must move while there is time. Today, the door is open . . . but the forces of darkness are doing their best to close it (John 9:4). 

This amazing open door is the quest for freedom among India’s nearly 300 million Dalits—the so-called “Untouchables”—who are at the very bottom of the caste system. In their pursuit for liberty, they are searching for a faith that will free them from the slavery they have been living under for more than 3,000 years. 

Yet we know that only the love of Christ can give them hope. From the beginning of our movement, GFA World’s emphasis has been to bring God’s hope to these poorest and most oppressed people of Asia. 

The Dalits are responding. And it’s only the beginning of a great move of God in our time.