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Building communities of hope with the poor in Sierra Leone

Home Leone was founded on 2 April 2014 and achieved charity status on 12 August 2014. It builds upon a rich history of overseas development, volunteer and team building experience.

Nigel Hyde, founder and Chief Executive of Home Leone, previously established the charity Mission Direct (www.missiondirect.org) in 2004. During his tenure, Mission Direct enabled over 3,000 volunteers to make a personal difference in the lives of the world’s poorest people throughout 14 countries. Building nearly 100 classrooms, over 200 homes, and countless clinics, toilets and wells, thousands of lives are radically improved.

In 2014, after passing Mission Direct to new leadership, Nigel developed a new and exciting vision, building on all that has been achieved.   To see thousands of people rescued from the devastating conditions of Sierra Leone’s slums, rehoused, and living transformed lives with a hope and a future. He thus established this new charity, Home Leone.

Nigel’s been to over 70 countries. So why Sierra Leone some ask? For Nigel, the problems the people face daily are the worst he has seen on earth, and this initiative is unique in the country. This, exacerbated by the 2014 Ebola crisis, calls for the help of those of us who have so much materially.

Home Leone is a new and innovative venture. With Nigel’s leadership, along with the dedicated support of volunteers and staff, Home Leone will be truly transformative in the communities it reaches and the lives it touches.