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John Truscott

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Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

Church consultant and trainer specialising in creative organisation and people skills

John Truscott is a church consultant and trainer who champions the ministry of 'creative organisation'.  He supports and encourages the work of leaders, managers, trustee, planners, communicators and administrators.

He offers

  • advice through consultancy and coaching
  • training through workshops and writing
  • support through web resources and the Church Administrator network.

He serves clergy/pastors and other Christian workers, lay leaders and administrators in churches, and boards and staffs of mission agencies.

His website, includes a growing range of well over 100 downloadable resources offering practical help for Christian ministry and fresh ideas to make you sit up and think. The sections include major articles, shorter sets of training notes, and details of his Church Health Review and Christian Effectiveness Model. The latter is a tool for mission agencies to help them assess their work on the basis of four main areas: validity, choice, excellence and achievement.