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An international community serving local churches throughout Latin America

Latin Link is an international community with a passion for mission in and from Latin America. We aim to be a channel whereby people can develop their God-given calling in the service of others, working with churches and partner organisations.

  • Our heart is to care for the whole person
  • Our mission is to teach and equip
  • Our task is to open opportunities

Our programmes:

Step is Latin Link’s short-term mission and discipleship programme for teams. Step provides a hands-on, practical experience of working with local church communities in Latin America or Spain. We select and send teams for four months each Spring and during the Summer for three to seven weeks. We welcome applications from individuals aged 17 plus, mixed-age teams, family or church teams, and university teams.

Stride is designed for individuals, couples or families who want to spend anything between six months and two years in Latin America working with a church or Christian-run project. It’s a chance to use and develop skills during a gap year, career break, sabbatical or early retirement. We can help with medical, engineering and Bible college electives, as well as university language years abroad. Stride placements are also used as a prelude to returning to Latin America on an open-ended basis.

Stay. We currently have around 100 people of 14 nationalities living and working in nine Latin American countries for longer periods of time, from three years upwards.