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We have a dream that every Christian would go out into their bit of God’s world... confident that God can work through them, confident that Jesus is: good news for the people they meet, good news for the things they do, good news for the organisations they engage in.
All we do is shaped by the challenges and opportunities of the people we seek to serve:

Christians out in God’s world – in workplaces and all places; church leaders and their teams; women and men in their first decade after school or uni. And the many, many people in all kinds of churches who want to make a difference for Christ in all of their lives.

So we’re dedicated to developing the biblical wisdom, the cultural insights, the stories and the practical ideas that help people live out God’s living word creatively, show and share his good news confidently, and make a positive contribution to the places they live, work and play.

We offer resources for personal or small group use. Courses for people at different stages of their working lives. Training days and learning hubs for church leaders. Speakers. Events. Books. Blogs. Videos … And more to come.