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Mission India exists in order to assist Indian Christians in the planting of reproducing churches in sytematic, measureable ways

Mission India does not send Western missionaries. Instead, we train and equip local Indian Christians. They know the languages, the customs and the dangers in their own areas. This method is efficient and effective. Local Christians are already in place, ready to begin work. They are trained to teach the Bible and form clusters of new disciples that reproduce and expand.

Mission India focuses prayerfully on results that can be measured. We strive for the highest standards of accountability as we assemble our reports. During the past 30 years, three of our training programmes have proved themselves over and over again:

Mission India partners with national Indian missions, mainline denominations, churches and Christian outreach organisations. They represent the finest, most respected mission-minded groups throughout India. Many have partnered with us for 25 or even 30 years. They look to us for training and resources in 18 of India’s major languages. We also provide systems of accountability and oversight.