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Asset rich, cash poor? We work with Owners, Directors and Trustees to help them clarify their strategy and make best use of their Property assets.

We help Charities increase their effectiveness by the strategic re-alignment of Property Assets - be it the disposal of a complex property which has become burdensome or generating income from existing property.

Partial Lockdown has been hard on charities - glad to have been able to assist a few:

Conference centre – will run out of cash in June due to Covid 19 shutdown. Has been unable to access short-term funding, but I have got agreement for a £250,000 loan which will allow them to move into a longer selling timescale and achieve better returns.

Church – has just bought a building, need to get on with refurbishment whilst it is empty, but it’s in a conservation area so they have difficulty conceiving how to handle the process. I now have an architect working on it online, and have established a project plan that allows much of the downtime to be used as it would’ve been regardless of lockdown.

Retreat Centre – I have managed to get the centre on the market despite the challenges of getting trustee identities approved whilst they are shielding and change of senior management. Pre-marketing phase has taken longer so need to start sooner. Over 20 interested parties awaiting open day.

Residential properties owned by church – we have managed to deal with tenant departures, preparation for marketing, online viewings, Covid19 deep clean - all within lockdown.

Asset rich, cash poor?
Even Richard Branson may have to put his island on the line. 
Is your property an asset or a liability, and how do you go from one to the other in a difficult market?
Asset rich, cash poor – it doesn’t always have to be that way. Having found a way through the 2007 property crash there are lessons which can help charities work their way through this crisis to a better market.

Recent projects include:

  • Developing a property strategy to survive recession or shutdown
  • HQ relocation
  • Sale of Wycliffe Centre
  • Assist WEC in sale and purchase of properties
  • Developer engagement on complex property
  • Land Search
  • Experience of Grade 2 listed properties - refurbishment and sale
  • Letting residential property

Director level experience in Human Resources, Publishing, Property and Commercial Management