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Providing graphic and editorial resource for church magazine/website editors is the UK's leading website for busy church magazine and website editors of all denominations.

We launched nearly 15 years ago, in May 1999, at the CRE in Esher. That week, one church magazine editor joined us. Now we number nearly 2,400 churches, mostly Anglican, but also including Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, URC, Sally Army and Free Church. We are mostly UK-based, but also found in the wider Anglican Communion, from Kentucky to Gibraltar, Outer Hebrides to Tenerife, New Zealand to Kowloon, Ypres to Rome. St Thomas’ Cathedral in Borneo has just joined us.

If you reckon on 200 being the average print run of a magazine, then about 480,000 people a month are reading something which has been downloaded from our site and published in their local magazine or (increasingly) website. Each month we offer church magazine editors a wide variety of illustrations, cartoons, inspirational articles, informative snippets, front covers, humour, quotes, children's pages, word-searches, crossword and Sudoku.

The aim is to help them fill up and enrich their magazines. As well as articles aimed at helping them to evangelise their community and grow their own people in their Christian faith, we also want to inform our church magazine editors about the wide variety of Christian organisations such as the other members of Global Connections.

If your organisation would like a positive mention (free) on Parish Pump - i.e. a short article which would be placed on our website for church magazine editors to consider for downloading into their magazines, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Anne Coomes, Editor, using the link below.