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Pioneers mobilises people to join teams that bring glory to God amongst unreached peoples by initiating church planting movements in partnership with local churches.

Pioneers UK longs to release your creativity, unlock your vision, your hopes and your dreams for mission, and endeavours to see them turned into reality. 

Reaching the world's remaining unreached peoples requires people like you, your unique calling, gifting and vision. Pioneers UK seeks to utilise the gifts and skills of people who are willing to stand in the gap and serve. Are you willing to invest your time and energy in reaching the unreached?

Today the Pioneers movement, one of the fastest growing of its kind in the world, has 3,200+ international members serving on 354 teams, in 104 countries, among 297 unreached people groups, mobilised from 18 international offices.  

Pioneers is a very modern organisation, with low infrastructure, minimum bureaucracy and a focus on the field worker and team.  If you would benefit from a high degree of mentoring input, strong and empathetic relational support, and a profound, life-long commitment to your nurture, care and ongoing development as you journey to the field, then contact us at 

Please do consider joining us as we focus on the Forgotten Peoples of our planet!