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Syzygy Missions Support Network

Syzygy Missions Support Network(Edit)
Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

We provide training, pastoral support, debriefing and practical support resources to mission workers, chuches and agencies, particularly with a view to helping to alleviate stress and burnout.

Have you noticed the high attrition rate among British mission workers?  Or perhaps that some of them have so many problems that they're not able to get on with the work they feel called to do?  We have, and it concerns us.  Our aim is to help improve the support that mission workers worldwide receive to that they can stay out in the field longer and become more effective.

Our vision is to develop a network of people who are prepared to contribute something of their experience, expertise or time, and to direct them to where they can make a real difference in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The aim of Syzygy is to assist in the work of people on the mission field by helping to provide practical or pastoral support which they may need and which isn’t provided by their church or sending organisation. We don’t want to duplicate something that someone else does, or tread on any toes, but where there are needs, we want to match them with solutions!

In the longer term we aim to help churches and sending agencies to develop and maintain strategies to equip them to support their own co-workers in cross-cultural situations.