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Global Connections has partnered with Talent Trust to create a group health insurance plan for career / long-term missionaries.

Since 1991 Talent Trust has served 60,000 missionaries in over 180 countries partnering with over 1,200 mission agencies.

The challenges of missions life can limit the impact of a missionary’s ministry. We provide missionaries with the resources to stay physically, mentally, and financially healthy, so they can thrive as long as needed in their calling.

Fulfill your calling and thrive in the field with Talent Trust.

It’s easy to find out if this is right for you: 

  1. Click on Talent-Trust Global Connections Group Health Plan

  2. Learn about the plan and the many extra services included

  3. Get a quote with a 20% discount and compare with your needs. Our team are happy to answer any questions

We have over 1300 crew and volunteers serve on our ships every year.  

Talent Trust provides Mercy Ships with a unique solution based on trust 

that saves us 100s of hours in admin and compliance. 

I highly recommend Talent Trust.

- Mercy Ships

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