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Global Connections has engaged Talent Trust Consultants (TTc) to create a group medical insurance policy for career / long-term missionaries.

TTc is a Christian ministry founded in 1991 based on the principles in our Lord’s Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Dedicated to the fulfillment of the Great Commission, TTc exists as a ministry committed to serving church and mission workers around the world by providing them with affordable and effective medical and travel insurance. We believe that medical insurance is vital for a missionary to be a good steward as they go about their ministry. We have heard numerous stories of ministries that have collapsed or fallen into disrepute as a result of unpaid medical bills. This can affect the entire community and ministry that may have taken many years to set up. In the same way we use these same principles to manage ourselves and ensure that our costs are contained so that as much of your premium as possible goes into paying for claims as opposed to paying for administrative expenses.

TTc’s first members were YWAMers serving in a refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border. Since then our ministry has grown significantly and now provides insurance for more than 13,000 lives from over 1,200 different churches and mission organizations serving in 180 countries.

Our ministry's strength lies in a heartfelt commitment to serve others, providing a personal touch that is backed by twenty years of overseas missions' experience. Our insurance policies are fully underwritten by Aetna Global Benefits which is one of the larger international insurers, rated A (Excellent) with stable outlook by Standard and Poor’s.

TTc is convinced that mission deserves the best. Thus we strive to offer missionaries and church workers the best service and excellent medical insurance at an affordable price. This is demonstrated by the fact that 11 of our original members from our first year, 1991, are still members today. We are grateful to the Lord for entrusting us with such responsibility and enabling us to serve in this capacity.

For more details of the TTc GC-Alpha policy please visit www.talent-trust.com/insurance-programs/groups-gc/