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The DCI Mission Fellowship

Type: Agency

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Mentoring overseas leaders and Western missionaries with a heart for unreached peoples, untrained pastors and the unloved poor, with limited start-up funding for simple Training Schools, local income creation and projects in mission, since 1984.

The DCI Fellowship is an open and welcoming influential small group of friends, partners and their projects that began in England in 1985 after over a year of almost daily prayer and today can be found across the developing world on all five continents.

We provide a home, fellowship and support for men and women all over the world who have a heart to reach the lost, the last and least of their region or over their borders in obedience to the Great Commission of Christ.

We make God's love known by training, equipping and sending out followers of Christ who make life better for the poor and neglected peoples of the world..

We have a micro-bank that likes to say yes to helping poor of the world leave poverty behind forever. We bless the poor as our way of giving thanks to God.

DCI people have ongoing daily prayer and worship. We honour the word of God and welcome the Holy Spirit to help and guide us.

The DCI Fund is a storehouse for the giving of friends and supporters with many serving windows throughout the developing world. The fund is audited annually and is regulated by the Charity Commission, an arm of the UK Government.