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Transform Europe Network (TEN)

Transform Europe Network(Edit)
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Affiliations and accreditations

Support for Christian nationals in Europe engaged in mission, church planting and meeting the needs of the poor.

Our story started in the 1960’s. Eurovangelism began as a ‘heart cry’ response to the desperate plight of Christians suffering under communism in Eastern Europe. Europe has the smallest percentage of evangelical Christians of any continent—only 2.5%* and yet many of the fifty sovereign nations are often overlooked in terms of mission.

The spiritual needs of Europe are huge but for more than 50 years TEN has been helping UK Christians to be part of the answer. Countries like Moldova also have economies more like some African nations than European; which result in chronic social needs that TEN projects seek to meet.Over the years the ministry intentionally gravitated toward a balance between evangelism and social action.

Fifty years later our name is TEN, Transform Europe Network and we work through a network of 60 partners in twelve nations in Southern and Eastern Europe. For more information visit us online

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