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Growing leaders for growing churches

Our vision is to see the worldwide church grow – to see individual churches blessed, revitalised, and going on to plant more churches. Our mission is to recruit, raise and deploy church leaders, providing them with rigorous, biblical and accessible education, training and resources.

Union is all about mission: growing leaders for growing churches. Yet mission must be theologically fuelled if it is to be fruitful and hardy. Robust and winsome mission grows when it is fed by strong and faithful theology.

Union operates in four interrelating departments:

  • Union Research Fuelling the church’s mission through theological excellence. Union Research will resource and fuel Union’s mission with the highest quality theology.
  • Union School of Theology Growing leaders on campus and in learning communities. Our campus and our regional learning communities together deliver a world-class theological education – from BA to PhD – that is both geographically and financially accessible.
  • Union Resources Resourcing the church and blessing the world with the knowledge of God. As part of our commitment to grow leaders for sustainable and healthy mission, Union Resources produces quality theological material for our student-leaders and their churches.
  • Union Mission Working with churches for the growth of the whole church. We work closely with many churches, networks and agencies to recruit, raise and strategically deploy church leaders where they can be most useful.