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Across the world God is at work bringing people from other faith backgrounds into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today more Muslims are becoming Christ’s followers than ever before in history. These new believers need mentors in Christ to encourage and guide them and a community in Christ alongside their Muslim community. With transformed lives, they will have an impact in their societies. The world church has much to learn from them.

Our vision is for new believers from a Muslim heritage to grow from first steps into a mature faith, becoming disciples and disciple-makers.
We long to see mature individual believers being part of Christian communities which nurture one another, allow space for every member ministry under godly leadership, make a positive impression in the watching Muslim community and continue healthy into the next generation.
We also long to see all churches welcoming and caring for Christ’s followers of Muslim background, and learning from them as they contribute new insights, a fresh stream in the world Christian movement.

We are a community of Christians who focus on:

• a learning pathway of Courses equipping believers of Muslim background to grow into maturity and ministry
• Training for advisors to use these courses effectively in a relational way
• Research to learn from believers of Muslim background worldwide on the issues they face
• helping churches to be Family for these believers and be enriched by them.