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World In Need International is a Christian charity which aspires to see communities transformed through education.

World in Need is passionate about people.  We work across Africa, Asia and the Middle East with people in need, people who are persecuted and people who have been forgotten, because we believe that all of these individuals have potential.

We believe that even the poorest communities can find hope and freedom when they are empowered to rise above their circumstances.  Working to direct resources to where they are most needed, World in Need now works in over fifteen countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The ultimate vision of World in Need is to enable communities to find sustainable solutions to their poverty, and to provide them with the support that they need to thrive.  This is why World in Need concentrates so much of its energy on education programmes, whether they be primary schools or adult training centres.  This emphasis comes from the understanding that poverty is not simply a monetary issue: poverty is all-encompassing and leaves individuals and families without the means to improve their own quality of life.