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Helping your organisation achieve lasting benefits from better supporter relationships

At Zorva Consulting, we help charities, membership organisations and faith groups achieve lasting benefits from building better supporter relationships through more effective communications, technology and planning.

That means we can help you to communicate your messages more clearly, understand your supporters more thoroughly, develop and retain the best volunteers, benefit most from the latest technology and make sure your charity is having the impact you want.

We have worked with and for charities for more than 30 years and know what it's like to be a supporter, a volunteer and a leader as well as someone making the back office systems and programmes work. Our experience was earned with the top 100 as well as much smaller charities, specifically for whom the 'Compliance to Excellence' programme was developed.

A significant part of our work with larger charities includes using our unique experience to support the selection of new CRM systems and helping more effective communications, whilst our new 'Compliance to Excellence' programme helps smaller charities comply with best practice and grow in a controlled way.