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Medair UK
October 2019
Suffering from malnutrition

Over four million people have been uprooted and displaced from their homes in South Sudan. Hunger is rampant and alarming levels of malnutrition are seen across the country, with some of the highest rates in the world. Please keep children who are suffering from malnutrition in your prayers. Pray that they will receive immediate therapy and recover quickly. Pray that more communities can be educated on preventative services and nutrition education.

October 2019
Children at Risk Action Network

Viva, and its partner network in Uganda, CRANE (Children at Risk Action Network), is empowering local Christians in Kampala to work together in collective action to change the lives of vulnerable children, and make a noise to influence the city leaders. One area of work is in rescuing children from situations of particular risk, such as the streets, child labour or child trafficking, and reuniting them with their families following a period of rehabilitation. Pray for vulnerable children who are supported by this ministry; that there would be a marked difference in their lives, not only in the short-term, but for many years to come. Pray for great diligence and organisation by all the leaders of training programmes, which are supporting social workers, church leaders, and families to be more effective in helping children.

October 2019
Hospitality to new students

In this first term, freshers (first year students) can feel increasingly anxious and unsettled. Many Christian Unions (CUs) are providing a warm welcome for new students within the framework of genuine, deep relationships. CU members have been able to share Christ naturally with their peers and have seen many respond in faith as a result. Pray that many more would keep exploring Christianity after experiencing God’s love and welcome from the CUs’ witness on campus. Also, as Christmas approaches there are increased opportunities to share the gospel as it is a time of year when students are most likely to sing carols or attend festive events, often in a church. Pray that many will attend such festivities and that they hear the gospel message and are convicted to give their lives to Christ.

Transform Europe Network
October 2019
Restore Romania

A legacy of brokenness remains from the days of Ceausescu’s regime. Substance abuse, prostitution, pornography, human trafficking and challenges to child welfare are widespread. Romania has one of the highest abortion rates in the world. Poverty is still common, with widespread unemployment and economic instability. Divisions in government reduce its effectiveness. Pray for leadership that has the wisdom to chart the right path and the integrity to implement the right policies in its legal, education and health care systems. Pray for the unity needed amongst the Christian denominations in Romania to be effective in sharing the gospel. Christian radio and television are powerful tools for the gospel in Romania. Pray that many people would be reached, and for a positive impact on society in promoting Christian values.

European Christian Mission
October 2019
Community Café brings people closer to Jesus

A recently renovated disused post office building houses The Patchwork Center in Schwerin. It is multi-functional and includes a community café, workshop space, music and function rooms. The café and workshop space are managed with the help of local people. The European Christian Mission (ECM) team aims to bring people closer to the gospel through its diverse activities, where everyone is welcome, where anyone can participate and where everyone can encounter Jesus at their own pace. Please pray for one man: his body is full of tattoos which express how many bad things have happened in his life. He has a very broken past, but every day he is in the Patchwork Center, and that means that his future might be beautiful; only God can do that.

Ambassadors Football
October 2019
Football brings marginalised to Jesus

The Ambassadors’ Genesis Football Program in Whitechapel, London, seeks to reach the lost and marginalised in society with the good news of Jesus, through the medium of football. The group meets every Wednesday for a match and then returns to the church for lunch and a look into the Bible. Many of the men say Genesis has given them a new sense of purpose and something to leave their accommodation for. A lot of the guys coming through our doors have battled with family rejection, addiction and homelessness, leaving Genesis as the only real community they have. We believe God cares about these individuals and football is a great way of building relationships and sharing this good news with them. Please pray for growth and ultimately, salvation.


France Mission Trust
October 2019
Annual gathering of evangelicals in France

The 18th-19th November sees the major annual gathering of evangelicals in France at an event called the Centre Evangélique. The theme for this year's gathering is ‘Living out the Gospel in a Connected Society’. Please pray for fruitful conversations and mutual encouragement and envisioning for the many hundreds of church leaders who will attend.


Northern Africa -
October 2019
The urban poor in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

The urban poor comprise one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors of society across much of the globe, particularly in Africa and Asia where most Muslims live. One estimate is that there are already more than 250 million Muslims living in slums, shanty towns, and poor urban neighbourhoods across the world; a number which will grow rapidly in the coming decades. Pray for the millions of Muslims living in city slums, that Jesus indeed would become their Lord; for the millions more who will join them in the cities in the coming decades; for many more workers to go and preach the good news in poor urban Muslim neighbourhoods, and for many new communities of Christ-followers to be established.

Al Massira
October 2019
Kingdom advancement in Turkey

As many in the world look on in despair and desperation at what is happening in Turkey, the advancement of his kingdom and opportunities for the gospel through Al Massira (AM) increase. With rising tensions politically and the expulsion of many foreign missionaries, the Turkish church is strengthening. Al Massira is being used by Turks, Iranians & Afghans in Turkey to help equip the Church for service. Pray for the Farsi version of AM being used within small group settings, as well as the Turkish version being used amongst seeking groups, in & outside of Turkey.

Medair UK
October 2019
Helping disabled Syrian refugees

Since the onset of the crisis in Syria, more than 1.5 million Syrians have fled to Lebanon to seek refuge. Around 12% of Syrian refugees have a physical and/or mental disability. Medair is the lead agency for shelter intervention for ‘People with Specific Needs’ in Lebanon. Please pray for increasing access to services for People Living with Mobility Impairment, e.g.  physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. Please pray for increased access to psychosocial support for people living with a disability, their caregivers and families.

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