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GFA World
April 2019
Medical ministry in India

With more than 2.4 million lives affected, India has the third largest population of AIDS victims in the world. Each year, 900,000 people die from contaminated water or polluted air, and an estimated 43 percent of all children under the age of five are underweight. In the midst of these statistics, workers supported by Gospel for Asia are reaching out through medical ministry supported to help those affected.

Global Connections
April 2019
Solidarity following Sri Lankan bombings

We remember those who have had their lives ended in the Easter Day bombings. Pray for those families and communities who have lost loved ones, for the injured and those who are caring for them. Pray for the work that has to be done to restore peace.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Central Asia -
April 2019
Additional demand for Lenthomi Bible

The Lenthomi Bible, for a people group in Central Asia, was published in 2016. The demand for God’s word was so great that two further print runs took place in 2018, one for Central Asian countries and one for other parts of the world. Recording of the Lenthomi Bible is now underway, a complex process that will take up to two years. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for those coordinating this project. Pray for the final stages of publishing a special edition of Lenthomi Scriptures (Proverbs, Psalms, and New Testament) for those outside their homeland who have no prior knowledge of the Bible. Especially pray that Lenthomi believers will persevere in the face of opposition and boldly demonstrate the reality of what it means to have a new life in Jesus.


The Leprosy Mission England and Wales
April 2019
Leprosy awareness programmes

Despite decades of conflict in Sri Lanka in the 1990s, there is now much to praise God for in terms of the unity and co-operation between faith leaders, who are now working closely to
co-ordinate leprosy awareness programmes in their communities. Pray for pastors as they lead these interfaith activities, that people may see the love of Christ through their actions. Pray for favour and encouragement for all the churches involved and the three main partners: Alliance Development Trust, Kaveri Kala Manram and the Peoples Forum for Change, as they serve people affected by leprosy through ongoing ‘acts of love’.

Church Mission Society
April 2019
Inspiring examples of good leadership

‘R’, serving as a primary school teacher in Pakistan, reports that the local Junior Girl Guides were looking at leaders and leadership for their ‘thinking day’ earlier this year. In response to the question of what a leader is, one girl, aged eight, put up her hand and said: “They are corrupt men who drive Landcruisers.” Sadly this was not a joke, it is what she actually believed. So we went on to look at some of the good leaders of Pakistan, such as Edhi who started an ambulance and other welfare services, the guide leaders, people running the SOS orphanage, etc. Please pray for these girls; for them to have good leaders to look up to, and for God to inspire in them a desire to be different.

Reach Beyond
April 2019
Translating the Bible into Cuban Sign Language

There are over 400 different sign languages worldwide. In many parts of the world, the hearing-impaired have little access to education and therefore struggle to read the Bible. What is more, most of these sign languages do not yet have a translation of the Bible in video format. We are currently partnering with hearing-impaired pastors and congregations in Cuba to translate the Bible into Cuban Sign Language. Earlier this year, the recording of the Gospel of John was completed. Pray for the dedicated team as they continue to make the Word of God accessible to all people.

Scottish Bible Society
April 2019
Light in Amazonia boat brings hope

For over 50 years, Light in Amazonia (Luz na Amazônia), an outreach programme launched by the Bible Society of Brazil, has been working to provide social, spiritual and medical assistance to riverside communities facing situations of extreme need. Riverside dwellers face exclusion, isolation, illiteracy, child and slave labour, violence, sexual exploitation, disease, famine, and human trafficking. Most homes do not have electric power, sewerage or piped water systems (the water all comes from the river); leaving many at risk of contracting water-borne diseases. The Light in Amazonia boat has been specially designed with medical consultation rooms, a laboratory and a pharmacy; and is staffed by doctors, dentists and other health care specialists who are providing medical check-ups and tests, dental assistance, physical therapy and, most important of all, spiritual teaching. Please pray for the Bible Society of Brazil as they continue this work. Pray that as people are helped with their physical problems that God would also touch their hearts as they hear and read His Word.

Latin Link
April 2019
Economic and political stability

Six out of every ten ‘economically active’ Ecuadorians are not in full-time employment. Pray for economic and political stability in the midst of increasing levels of under-employment, and, with the mistrust of the increasing numbers of Venezuelan refugees, pray that churches in Ecuador find ways to work alongside these refugees, and begin to rebuild trust.

Scottish Bible Society
April 2019
Natural disasters and the stress to children

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and has still not recovered from the devastating earthquake back in 2010. More recently, Hurricane Matthew struck which directly affected more than 2 million Haitians, including 55,000 who were previously living in tents and had to find shelter during the hurricane. Many children are struggling with stress caused by the natural disasters and also violence, hunger, and illness. Please pray for the Haitian Bible Society as they provide New Testaments to these children. Pray that the children will know God’s peace and love in their lives.


Hope for Kids International
April 2019
Bringing hope to victims of sexual abuse

The work with young Guatemalan girls who are the victims of sexual abuse is hard, unpredictable, costly work. Thank God for the dedicated Christian staff who walk the long journey of healing traumatised minds until the girls are ready to live with a safe and loving family. Pray for those staff who dare to challenge evil and bring justice through the prosecution of the abuse perpetrators. Please pray that God will provide all the practical and spiritual resources needed to bring protection, healing, justice and his love to young lives. Please pray for the influence that is bringing massive changes in Guatemala’s child protection system to continue so that a whole nation will be blessed and be a light for other countries in the region where such abuse is endemic.

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