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Cambodia Action - June 2018
Cambodia elections: Cambodia has been in the news lately with the arrest of opposition party leaders. This does not bode well for the country and we should pray that the Lord would intervene in the up-coming elections. Pray that God would stop any violence that may try to erupt throughout the country. Cambodia Action has a number of people working in the country. Please pray for their safety and that peace and calm would be seen on the streets of Cambodia, and through their ministry. Please pray for those in government that God would have his say and have his way in this all important election. (Cambodia Action)
15 come to faith
AsiaLink - June 2018
15 come to faith: Over the past few months our partners, Salt & Light, are celebrating the 15 people that have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. On Valentine’s Day this year, they organised a two-day outreach among women currently trapped in the sex industry in their home city. The staff were able to make a connection with over 50 women and have been following up with them. The team also organised an outreach event for all those that they work with for a night of hearing from God’s word, fellowship and fun. Salt & Light have also been able to train new members of the team to begin outreach in different parts of Southeast Asia and are planning to continue expanding the team in order to reach more young women in the sex industry for Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for Salt & Light team as they share the gospel and lead women out of physical and spiritual darkness. (AsiaLink)
Japan Christian Link - June 2018
Returning with faith: Many Japanese come to faith while living abroad, having a greater openness to new things when unconstrained by the norms and expectations of Japan. Praise God for all such new believers and pray that this will continue to be true through the influence of the Christians whom Japanese expats meet. Praise God for Japanese Christians taking the gospel back to Japan following their overseas conversions, but also pray for their protection. Returning Japanese new Christians are vulnerable to not only the stress of reverse culture shock, but also to difficulties finding good Christian fellowship and to opposition from friends, families and neighbourhoods more protective of Japanese traditions. Praise God and pray for all organisations set up to support these 'returnees'. (Japan Christian Link)
Frontiers - June 2018
Indigenous investment: Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, totalling around 215 million people. However, almost 85% of them have no access to the Gospel. This leaves an immense task ahead for the existing church, for the body of new believers and for those who come alongside to envision and disciple them. Most unreached peoples are found in villages and rural areas, and more intentional effort is needed to reach them with the good news of Jesus. Time, patience and investment in relationships are then essential to seeing the long term impacts of God’s love in each of these communities. Pray for more discipleship of indigenous believers, raising up of visionary leaders and for workers to go to the unreached places. (Frontiers)
Viva - June 2018
Responding to child abuse: Viva is actively promoting child protection training in schools in six cities across the country in order to combat sexual abuse. Teachers, counsellors and administrative staff are learning how to recognise and respond to child abuse. One headmistress testified saying that this is the first time in 20 years of teaching that she has ever heard about a child protection policy. Children themselves are taught how to protect themselves by taking part in Good Touch, Bad Touch workshops. Pray that those adults taking part in the training would be bold and honest, and willing to change their attitudes where needed. May they be an influence on others around them in schools, and society as a whole. Pray too for children to feel confident in talking about situations of abuse, and that they would be empowered through this training. (Viva)
Sri Lanka
The Leprosy Mission England and Wales - June 2018
Free from shame: Akira and her mother, Felshiya, live in a poor, remote coastal village in Sri Lanka. The community was plunged into desperate poverty after the 2004 tsunami. Here leprosy is so feared that when Felshiya was diagnosed, her husband fled, leaving his wife and daughter to fend for themselves. Give thanks that Felshiya received support and kindness in her time of darkness - she no longer feels ashamed and is empowered to build a new life. She was granted permission to farm a small plot of land, where she grows vegetables, coconut palms and papaya trees. Pray that the harvest this year not only feeds the family, but also a surplus to sell at the local market. Pray that others in similar situations will feel loved, supported and hopeful for the future. (The Leprosy Mission England and Wales)
WorldShare - June 2018
Trapped in a brothel: In Kolkata, the sex industry is booming. There are several hundred brothels in the red-light district of Sonagachi and an estimated 12,000 sex workers. This is a truly exploitative industry where many women and their children are bound in slavery. The sons of sex workers become trapped in the industry and forced to grow up in brothels with no hope of escape. Pray for the Premanand Boys Home in Kolkata which cares for some of these young boys. They provide a loving home as well as education, nutritious food, quality medical care and spiritual nurture. Pray for freedom for all the young boys, for a chance for a better life and for an opportunity to hear about Jesus. (WorldShare)
WorldShare - June 2018
Forged into slavery: There are 3 million slaves in Pakistan, vast numbers of these are trapped in bonded slavery in brick kilns or agriculture. Many people in the rural areas of Pakistan are living in severe poverty and whole communities have no access to education. Brick kiln owners and landowners take advantage of them by offering high-interest loans and trapping them into bonded labour. False contracts and forged accounting by the owners can leave families working in the kiln for decades, unaware of the fact that they have repaid their original loan many times over. Pray for deliverance for those trapped in slavery in Pakistan, that they can find freedom and hope for a better future. (WorldShare)
International Nepal Fellowship - June 2018
Leprosy eradicated: Leprosy has officially been declared as eradicated in Nepal, but there are still hundreds of new cases detected every year. In fact the prevalence of the disease is two-and-a-half times the global average. Please pray for early detection and treatment of people with leprosy and for the total eradication of the disease in Nepal. Leprosy is a mildly infectious disease associated with poverty. It damages nerves resulting in loss of sensation. This means that injuries can go unnoticed and become infected, making them difficult to heal. It often leads to the shortening of fingers and toes or even loss of part of a limb. (International Nepal Fellowship)
Latin Link - June 2018
The Church against discrimination: ​​​​​​​Over the last two years Chile has received immigrants from different parts of Latin America and Africa. Regrettably some of these immigrants have faced discrimination and prejudice. Several churches and Christian organisations are starting Spanish courses and offering legal advice and advocacy. Pray that the Lord will touch the lives of the immigrants through the preaching and testimony of the Church, and that he will challenge the prejudices and xenophobic attitudes in sections of the wider population. (Latin Link)

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