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Al Massira
February 2020
Christ's light shines in a dark place

Pray for an overcrowded, well-publicised, refugee camp on a Greek island. Pray for the people who have either escaped war, people smuggling or severe, economic hardship. Many face unbearable living conditions and are sleeping either in makeshift tents or out in the elements. Pray especially for God’s protection over the young and vulnerable. Yet, despite the shadows of darkness, Jesus, the true light, is at work in the hearts of men, women, and children. Pray for the Syrian, Iranian, Afghan and Iraqi group that meet three times a week to journey through Al Massira. Many are entering into a real and living relationship with the Messiah in these days.

February 2020
Student revival for Christ in universities

More than 3,000 students, graduates and staff met in Germany for the IFES Europe student evangelism conference, Revive, in December 2019. Delegates came from 38 European countries as well as Africa, Asia, and closed countries. It began with a dream of seeing a generation come together from every corner of Europe to pursue revival in the university world and beyond. More than 20 other Christian student ministries in Europe partnered with IFES Europe in dreaming, planning and praying. Please pray for revival and for the young people inspired by the event to seek opportunities to share Christ with their friends.

February 2020
Hope for Muslim converts to Christianity

There are approximately two million Muslims in Bosnia; just over half of the population. Outreach by Christian workers in the past led to some Muslims following Christ and forming local fellowships, but they have recently suffered from strong persecution and many have returned to their Islamic faith. There are now believed to be only about 100 Muslim-background believers. However, there is a growing sense of hope and expectation among church leaders and long-term workers. Pray for more workers to go and be ready for the harvest that God is preparing. Pray for church leaders to find strength and encouragement as they work together with a fresh vision for reaching their Muslim neighbours. Pray for the few local believers to be strengthened in their faith and for their fellow Muslims to be more open to the gospel.

Transform Europe Network
February 2020
Spiritual growth and bold proclamation to reach Muslims

Although Kosovo gained independence from Serbia in 2008, after a decade of negotiation and brutal ethnic conflict, its independence is not universally recognised. Over half of Kosovo’s inhabitants live in poverty with nearly three quarters unemployed. Eighty percent of the population is Muslim, largely ethnic Albanian. Many are nominal Muslims, but extremism is increasing, as is opposition to Christianity. Nonetheless, there are a growing number of Christian believers, especially among younger people; pray that these would become mature Christians who lay aside ethnic differences and strive for reconciliation and healing in Kosovo. Pray for continued freedom to evangelise among the Muslim population. Pray for Jesus’ peace to heal hatred between ethnic Serbs and Albanians. Pray for spiritual growth and bold proclamation among the small group of committed Christians.

Reach Beyond
February 2020
Bible translated in authentic Adyghe language

The Adyghe are an unreached people group in Turkey. They once lived in the North Caucasus region of Southern Russia for more than a thousand years until they were conquered by ethnic Russians. They then fled (or were deported) to Turkey and the Middle East. From the 10th to the 17th Centuries, most Adyghe were nominal Christians, although many now claim to be Sunni Muslim. Pray that the Bible translated in authentic Adyghe will connect with their ancient oral traditions. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move among the Adyghe people.


February 2020
IFES students help those from conflict areas

Give thanks for the growth in the number of students involved in an International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) movement in a country in the Middle East. With a strong ministry in the capital city and Bible study groups meeting in two other cities, pray for the staff and volunteers working with students who have faced many challenges in recent years, including the loss of loved ones and injuries sustained as a result of the conflict in their country. The Christian message of hope is very powerful in their context, so ask that it would minister to them. Praise God that these students are working hard to show God’s love to those around them not just in their classes, but across their communities, including having held a Christmas party for street children.

Christian Witness to Israel
February 2020
New app brings Bible unique HaEdut version of the Bible.

Christian Witness to Israel (CWI) reaches out to Jewish people across the world and continues to embrace the latest technology to spread the Good News. CWI’s publishing house in Israel “HaGefen Publishing” produces books and Bibles for Jewish people and are excited by the launch of a new app for the unique HaEdut version of the Bible (the Old Testament in Modern Hebrew). The app will reach a younger generation of Jewish people, providing them with an accessible version of the Hebrew Scriptures in a language they can easily understand. Translation work is also nearing completion on the New Testament in Modern Hebrew. Please pray that the Lord will use this technology for his glory and that it will reach many Jewish people in Israel and beyond.

WEC International
February 2020
Bringing the gospel to Libya

Libya has historically been one of the hardest places in the world for the gospel to penetrate. Pray for the country and for opportunities for believers to go there. Pray that the country will become more open to Christianity. Pray for those who are working to make the Bible accessible to Libyans, either through translation or distribution. Pray for wisdom and protection for everyone involved in this area of ministry. 

Arab World Ministry of Pioneers
February 2020
Affordable fresh produce for Syrian refugees

The programme to enable Syrian refugees in Jordan to be able to buy affordable fruit and vegetables continues to go well. Over the last three months, workers have had contact with almost 100 of the 350 families who have registered. Each visit gives the team opportunity to demonstrate and speak of God’s love. Please pray for this programme to continue and for people to not only benefit from healthy food, but also come to know of Christ’s love and salvation for themselves and their families.


Nations Trust
January 2020
Jesus is true harmony in era of new emperor

With a new emperor in Japan comes a new era; the Reiwa era is variously translated, but includes reference to harmony. True harmony for a nation is found when they enter into their God given destiny. Please pray that the Japanese will seek true harmony which can only be found in Christ as a prophecy has been shared: “...a stabilising anointing of my spirit in the land of cherry blossoms, to cause the shifting ground to stand still; as my People rise to stand in their appointed places...”

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