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Nations Trust
January 2020
Jesus is true harmony in era of new emperor

With a new emperor in Japan comes a new era; the Reiwa era is variously translated, but includes reference to harmony. True harmony for a nation is found when they enter into their God given destiny. Please pray that the Japanese will seek true harmony which can only be found in Christ as a prophecy has been shared: “...a stabilising anointing of my spirit in the land of cherry blossoms, to cause the shifting ground to stand still; as my People rise to stand in their appointed places...”

Global Connections
January 2020
Pray for those affected by the White Island volcano eruption

We pray for those injured following the White Island volcano eruption in December. Ask that the Lord will bring quick recovery of body and mind. May God comfort those who have lost loved ones. Pray also for the emergency services, as retrieval of the deceased from the disaster site and repatriation continues.

Chinese Church Support Ministries (CCSM)
January 2020
Chinese New Year brings families (and Jesus) together

Chinese New Year started on 25th January. During the celebrations millions of Chinese citizens travel to spend time with family. Christians face challenges from parents and grandparents if they are not believers, but the Christians can have opportunities to share their faith. Pray that believers will have those opportunities, that their words and deeds will honour Jesus and that many will turn to Christ. Continue to pray also for school children who are facing strong messages at school to turn them away from Christianity, even reporting their parents to the teachers if they engage in Christian activity. Pray that Jesus will be so real to these children that they can resist these pressures and continue to pray, read their Bible and share their faith.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Central Asia -
January 2020
Valuing the language of the Orninan people

The Orninan* people of West Asia are people who feel ignored and their language not valued. We want them to know of Christ’s love for them. We can thank God that the Orninan people love and provide for the stranger and foreigner and care for the poor and disadvantaged as he commands in his word. Pray that they will feel free to call upon the name of Jesus, that they may be known as ‘oaks of righteousness’ and that God will bring the rain their land desperately needs. Life is hard them. Pray that one day they can say ‘I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me’ (Psalm 120:1). *name changed for security reasons.


Global Care
January 2020
From rural poverty or slavery to Mumbai slums

Pray for the Dalit children and families who fled rural poverty or modern slavery to seek a better life in the slums of Mumbai, India, who continue to experience discrimination, injustice and crushing poverty. Pray for safety and encouragement for Global Care’s local Christian partners who are seeking to advocate for Dalit children, and under increasing pressure to give up in the context of growing Hindu nationalism and a corresponding hardening of attitudes and increase in caste-based discrimination.

Medair UK
January 2020
Kitchen gardens tackle food insecurity

Afghanistan is one of the poorest and most underdeveloped nations in the world. War, instability, and natural disasters have caused devastation and forced communities to flee from their homes. Families face regular life-threatening challenges such as malnutrition, preventable disease, complications in pregnancy, shortages of health clinics with skilled medical staff, and lack of safe drinking water and adequate hygiene. To tackle the food insecurity, Medair has introduced kitchen gardens for families in remote areas, teaching families to grow vegetables that provide essential nutrients in their families’ diets. Please pray that more women and families plant kitchen gardens and preserve the produce, which gives them access to food even though the coldest months often cut them off from the outside world. Please also pray for protection of communities who live in insecure areas in Afghanistan.

Dohnavur Fellowship Corporation
January 2020
Meeting regulations, and Meetings of Vision evangelism

Your prayers are requested for help with the day to day running of The Dohnavur Fellowship so that all is in order concerning government regulations for children’s homes and hospitals. Also, following up from the evangelism via the Meetings of Vision held just before the New Year, we pray that the seed that has been sown may bring forth wonderful growth in hearts and lives.

International Aid Trust
January 2020
International Aid Trust ministry continues to grow

The ministry of International Aid Trust in India continues to grow: there are now 36 pastors in training through the Extended Bible Teaching Program. Please pray for these pastors that God will help them in all their studies, prepare them for the ministry He has called them to and protect them from all persecution.

January 2020
Pavement Project counselling programme

Lifewords has taken Pavement Project, a counselling programme for children-at-risk, to Venezuela, which is in the midst of economic collapse and political turmoil; 94% of Venezuelans live in poverty, and four million people have fled to neighbouring countries in search of work and security. Alicia’s mother is one of these people. Alicia*, 11 years old, felt abandoned and alone, and was terribly afraid that her mother would forget her. She said “I feel like a notebook from which a sheet has been torn off, and then it is no longer the same notebook, a part is missing. My heart is broken.” Pray that more and more children would know God’s love for them through Pavement Project, and that it would help bring change to Venezuela. *names have been changed.

Reach Beyond
January 2020
Electrician accepts Jesus through Christian radio

An electrician was installing electrical wiring in a house in Quito, Ecuador. The project was going to take three days. When he arrived at the house, the home owner was listening to a Christian radio station called HCJB. The electrician had no interest in religion and asked her to turn it off. She told him that it was her house and it would stay on! After three days of listening he had accepted Jesus as his Saviour, and 20 years later he is a deacon in the church and still listening to HCJB! Pray for the ministry of HCJB Radio in Ecuador, especially their FM station aimed at young people.

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