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OMF International UK
October 2018
Sports ministry offers evangelism opportunities

Japanese people are the second largest unreached people group in the world; out of 126 million people, only 0.3% are evangelical Christians. One way churches can reach out to their communities is through sport. 70% of Japanese people are involved in sport in some way, but so far few churches have grasped this opportunity. One OMF missionary writes that, through ultimate frisbee, “I have more conversations about life, faith, God, and Christ than through any other ministry I’m involved with in Japan”. Pray for more churches to get involved in sports ministry to see lives transformed in Japan. 

Mission Aviation Fellowship UK
September 2018
WIFIBibles available on buses

Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF), a branch of Mission Aviation Fellowship based in Papua New Guinea, is installing WIFIBible devices onto buses used by the public. The WIFIBible allows people to download a wide range of free Christian resources like music, the Jesus film and access the Bible in their own languages on their smartphones, without the need for an internet connection. Please join us in praying that, through these WIFIBibles, many people would get to read and hear the gospel, accept Christ into their hearts, and bring those they know into relationship with him too. 


September 2018
Dam burst follow up operation

In July, a hydroelectric dam under construction in the Sanamxay District of Attapeu collapsed releasing an amount of water equivalent to 2 million Olympic-sized swimming pools. It caused immediate flash flooding through several villages. Homes, roads and bridges were swept away. Several lives were claimed, hundreds went missing, and more then 6,000 lost their homes. Those that have been rescued are currently sheltering in make-shift tents. Please pray for protection for those that have been affected and pray that God will work through the organisations providing aid, to provide for those suffering. 


Cambodia Action
September 2018
Election results and stability

On the 29th of July, Cambodia went to the polls to elect a government for the next 5 years. During the run up to the election we prayed that no violence would break out and, praise God, the vote was peaceful. However, within Cambodia there is considerable discontent with the election results. The ruling party won all 125 parliamentary seats and many NGOs and Christian organisations are concerned about the political vacuum that these elections have left. Please pray for the people of Cambodia, that they would find hope in Christ- the true hope - and not find comfort in the different vices that are on offer. 


September 2018
Earthquake aftermath

At least 98 people have been confirmed dead and more than 236 severely injured in a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok on Sunday 5th August. A second earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 hit the island four days later on Thursday 9th. Over 400 people have lost their lives as a result and the damage dealt to Lombok and the surrounding area has been described as “massive” by disaster relief workers in the area. Remember those affected by this disaster and pray for rescuers as they try to get basic supplies such as food and water to the worst hit areas. 


September 2018
Reaching the Pushtuns

Did you know that Pakistan has the second largest population of Muslims in the world? This country and those surrounding it have enormous populations of Muslims and limited access to the Gospel. The KPK region is home to the Pushtun people. It is a religiously conservative province with close ties to Afghanistan and was the area where the Taliban was birthed in the 1970s to combat Russian occupation. Please pray for the proud and hospitable Pushtuns, that they would come to know the God of forgiveness, the God who loves them, the Prince of Peace. The Baluchistan region (bordering Iran and Afghanistan), although rich in gas and oil, is the poorest and least developed province in Pakistan. It has also been very difficult for gospel workers to gain permission to live there. Please pray for peaceful solutions to the conflict with the central government and for the gospel to spread among the Baluch. 


Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims
September 2018
Monsoon rains protection needed

The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are at grave risk from monsoon flooding. A report by the Parliamentary Committee for International Development has warned that “a substantial proportion of the Rohingya refugees’ accommodation is vulnerable to the heavy rainfall the imminent monsoon season would bring”. People are going to die without decisions and actions to enable relocation. Pray that the Bangladeshi Government and other agencies would act to protect refugees from further tragedy. 


Southern Asia -
September 2018
Mobile book ministry protection

Please pray for Christians involved with a Christian bookshop and book van ministry in a strongly Islamic country. The danger is escalating again and violence against Christians is on the increase. The small Christian community is extremely anxious. The bookshop workers, along with the rest of the believers are wondering what to do, where to go and what the future holds for them. Please pray for safety and the Lord’s peace for this vulnerable Christian community. 


Reach Beyond
September 2018
Jesus over the radio waves

Kurux is a language predominantly spoken by three people groups in Eastern India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Now, gospel radio programmes are being produced in Kurux and broadcast weekly into these areas from powerful shortwave transmitters based in Northern Australia. Pray for the salvation of these people groups, that many will learn about Jesus for the first time through the radio programmes. Also pray that the disciples of Jesus who live in these places will boldly spread the Good News to others.


International Nepal Fellowship
September 2018
Protection during festivals

Dashain (pronounced Dossai) will be celebrated from 9th to 23rd October this year. It is the longest of several autumn festivals in Nepal and is celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists. It commemorates a great victory by the gods over the demons. Dashain is a family celebration with people travelling home to spend time with relatives. Activities such as kite flying and swinging on huge homemade swings are traditional parts of the celebrations. Worship includes frequent visits to the temples and thousands of animal sacrifices. Please pray for Christians in Nepal who can feel quite isolated during this time, especially if they are the only Christian in their family. Pray too that other Nepalis will discover that Jesus is the true victor over evil. 


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