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Reach Beyond
May 2020
Radio wisdom

There are still some 600,000 Rohingya living in Myanmar who need our prayers. A new radio programme made for them was broadcast recently, called ‘Navigating Wisely Through Life’s Challenges’; a result of consultations with Rohingya families on health, welfare, and peace and reconciliation. These will be also loaded onto 3,000 memory cards to be given to mobile phone users. Pray for impact among this unreached group.


May 2020
Provisions for refugee camps

On the border of Thailand and Myanmar lie several refugee camps, some of which have been there for decades and which house up to  100,000 people. These camps are primitive  and the people who live in them are reliant upon supplies being brought to them on a regular basis. Curfews and travel restrictions between provinces in Thailand are creating a situation which, if not addressed, will result in a massive shortage of basic necessities and food for these people. Pray that authorities will recognise what could become a bigger problem than the coronavirus itself, and relax measures in order that food and water can be made available within the camps. Pray for Christian people within the camps that they would be able to find ways of showing the love of Jesus to those who are in need.


Japan Christian Link
May 2020
Revival for the Church in Japan

The church in Japan is small and ageing rapidly. Many church leaders are well past retirement age, but feel obliged to continue due to the lack of younger leaders/trainees. Please pray for their health and that they will be good witnesses to younger people. Pray for young people to become the church leaders and evangelists of the future. Christians in churches in rural areas in Japan can feel very isolated as churches and other Christians are few and far between. There can be significant pressure to conform to Japan’s religious traditions of Buddhism and Shintoism, which tend to be much stronger in these areas. Pray for revival – for Christians in rural areas to find fellowship and for spiritual strongholds held by Buddhism and Shintoism to be broken.           


Release International
May 2020
Strength for the Church in China

Persecution of Christians in China has risen since 2018, when China imposed tough religious restrictions. Freedom of faith is guaranteed under the constitution but in practice, the authorities bulldoze churches, tear down crosses and imprison pastors. It used to be only unofficial churches that were targeted, but now China is destroying state-registered churches and persecuting their pastors. Prayer meetings in homes and the sharing of religious messages with children are banned. Please pray for strength for the Church in China in this era of growing repression.               


GFA World
May 2020
Serving those who are suffering

The COVID-19 pandemic is like an evil tidal wave, rushing around the world, bringing death and untold destruction wherever it lands. As we watch the news and see with horror the estimates of the number of people who might die in the UK, we know that India and South Asia are just now at the start of what promises to be a nightmare.

Our hearts are broken for what we see today – and for what we know is just around the corner. Already, we see that the limited medical resources will be overwhelmed – but what is most heart-breaking is to know that before long, the most immediate danger for millions will be the prospect of starvation.

In the middle of a 21-day lockdown and with proper approval from their local governing authorities, our brothers and sisters serving in Asia are walking the streets, being God’s hands and feet to the poorest and most disadvantaged people in their communities.

Please keep our brothers and sisters serving in Asia in your prayers as they continue to seek ways to help the most disadvantaged people suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BMS World Mission
May 2020
Supporting those impacted by crises

Remember those who are suffering from the impacts of natural hazards, conflicts, and ongoing crises, and are facing, or recovering from crises. On Easter Sunday in 2019, suicide bombers killed 259 people in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. BMS’ partner continues to help those who were affected, particularly children, with psychosocial support. Remember Sri Lanka and pray that the country will know God’s peace and presence, and be united.


International Aid Trust
May 2020
Bringing love to those in Poverty

Please give thanks for our team in India seeking to share Jesus’s love with people living in great poverty. Pray for God’s help and provision as they seek to support daily wage earners unable to work during the lockdown. Pray for Christians to keep growing in faith day-by-day, even when meeting together is difficult.       


GFA World
May 2020
Lift up widows

Life as a widow can be so difficult, but in many places in Asia, becoming a widow is like living in hell on earth. Society often believes widows have sinned in some horrible way which resulted in their husbands’ deaths, and, as a result, widows can be labelled as cursed and rejected as outcasts. Pray that widows will be able to grieve their husbands’ deaths, and for God to provide for each widow’s needs. Pray each widow will find hope and the joy of Jesus for her and her children’s future.


Dohnavur Fellowship Corporation
May 2020
Students stuck in lockdown

At Santhosha Vanam, the boarding school attached to the Dohnavur Fellowship, nearly 100 children are there along with staff and a small number of parents, who got stuck as a result of the sudden coronavirus lockdown. Some children have been stranded on their way back home. There is an organisation called MUT (Missionaries Upholders Trust) which takes care of such children and parents and they are now under their care.


May 2020
The impact of the virus on the vulnerable

As all of WorldShare’s ministry partners face restrictions due to COVID-19, please pray that God would help them to make wise decisions to ensure that their beneficiaries are safely cared for.

Please ask God to protect the vulnerable in Guatemala. Due to a general quarantine, Potter’s House have had to close their doors, meaning many will be without food and support.


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