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WorldShare - June 2018
Forged into slavery: There are 3 million slaves in Pakistan, vast numbers of these are trapped in bonded slavery in brick kilns or agriculture. Many people in the rural areas of Pakistan are living in severe poverty and whole communities have no access to education. Brick kiln owners and landowners take advantage of them by offering high-interest loans and trapping them into bonded labour. False contracts and forged accounting by the owners can leave families working in the kiln for decades, unaware of the fact that they have repaid their original loan many times over. Pray for deliverance for those trapped in slavery in Pakistan, that they can find freedom and hope for a better future. (WorldShare)
International Nepal Fellowship - June 2018
Leprosy eradicated: Leprosy has officially been declared as eradicated in Nepal, but there are still hundreds of new cases detected every year. In fact the prevalence of the disease is two-and-a-half times the global average. Please pray for early detection and treatment of people with leprosy and for the total eradication of the disease in Nepal. Leprosy is a mildly infectious disease associated with poverty. It damages nerves resulting in loss of sensation. This means that injuries can go unnoticed and become infected, making them difficult to heal. It often leads to the shortening of fingers and toes or even loss of part of a limb. (International Nepal Fellowship)
Latin Link - June 2018
The Church against discrimination: ​​​​​​​Over the last two years Chile has received immigrants from different parts of Latin America and Africa. Regrettably some of these immigrants have faced discrimination and prejudice. Several churches and Christian organisations are starting Spanish courses and offering legal advice and advocacy. Pray that the Lord will touch the lives of the immigrants through the preaching and testimony of the Church, and that he will challenge the prejudices and xenophobic attitudes in sections of the wider population. (Latin Link)
Viva - June 2018
Abuse report app: A survey carried out by our partner network, Red Viva Nicaragua, discovered that 60% children in the country have experienced domestic violence at home. 75% reported witnessing violence at school among students. A recent government report highlighted that half of all reported sexual assault claims made were committed against girls under 13 years old. Red Viva Nicaragua has been working hard to organise and promote abuse reporting training within local communities. Now, a breakthrough might have come in the shape of a new mobile app, created in partnership with a university in Managua (the capital city), which allows users to report instances of abuse or bullying to local authorities anonymously. Pray for network leaders and children as they promote the app through festivals, parades and training, T-shirts and banners, and in the media. Pray that it will ultimately be influential in bringing a decrease in abuse of all kinds throughout communities in Managua. (Viva)
Disaster response
World Vision UK - June 2018
Disaster response: Prone to frequent natural disasters, governments and development organisations throughout South America often rely on first responders from affected areas. Since 2012, World Vision has partnered with churches, civil service, and governments, to train thousands of young people to respond to disasters. Pray for the trainers to effectively impart skills and knowledge. Pray that God uses these young people to save lives during emergencies. Dear Lord, strengthen trainers to teach effectively. You have given young people a heart for serving their communities. When disasters strike, bring them clarity and courage, so they may help when needed most. (World Vision UK)
Preparing for mission
Reach Beyond - June 2018
Preparing for mission: Ruth is a nephrology (kidney health) nurse from Peru who joined the Corrientes missionary training programme as her heart was set in serving the least reached in the 10/40 window. In Quito, Ecuador, she took advantage of every opportunity to develop her skills to share God's love as a medical professional and in strengthening her cultural and linguistic abilities. Ruth completed her training and is now preparing to serve in a hospital in a Muslim country in Asia. Pray for Corrientes students in Latin America as they prepare for service overseas, that the Lord will lead them to the place where he can use them most. (Reach Beyond)
IFES - June 2018
Persistence in hostility: Felipe shares that being a student in Uruguay is difficult: “Tertiary education is free, but there’s only one state public university with many students. Many claim to be atheists, but have never thought about it. It’s a hostile place to share the gospel. We must be very careful not to clash with university laws to avoid suspension. It can take years for someone to open up to the gospel. Pray for more students to be open to the Word. Pray for the university, for wisdom for course organisers, and for overcrowding not to stop students getting a good education. Pray for Christian student groups, for persistence and for God to continue working in friends who have heard the Word.” (IFES)
AIM International - June 2018
Serving the Kanembu: There’s a new ministry among the Kanembu in Chad. Pray that the established church in southern Chad would have a growing enthusiasm for evangelism and that we may be effective partners in the gospel. Pray that God would be calling people to serve on a team among the Kanembu and that he would also be preparing the hearts of the Kanembu to be open to hearing the gospel, and to the idea of having a team living among them. (AIM International)
Emmanuel International - June 2018
Farmland moves forward: Bimbi in Malawi has high temperatures, low rainfall and frequent droughts. Most of the local population practise subsistence farming but this is seriously undermined by the climate. Our partner, Word of Grace Church, has a large piece of land adjacent to the church building, which could be irrigated and farmed to provide an opportunity for the church to help five different villages in the area. It has taken a long time to get the correct permissions in place but it is ready to go forward now. Pray for this project which has the potential to grow 35 hectares of green crops and supply food and income for many. (Emmanuel International)
AIM International - June 2018
Reflecting in solitude: The Lesotho shepherds are the least reached people group within this small mountainous kingdom. They are hired to take responsibility, often in remote and isolated areas, for the animals of richer cattle owners. In order to share the gospel, a team of Christians had to sacrifice even basic comforts. Give thanks that these sacrifices have led to relationships being built with the shepherds and that the team has had the joy of seeing fruit. The shepherds were given digital audio players which play Bible stories told using the shepherds’ own storytelling techniques. Pray that in the time that the shepherds spend alone, the words of God would dwell in their hearts.  (AIM International)

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