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Latin Link
February 2019
Immigrants to Chile helped by the church

Over the last two years Chile has received immigrants from different parts of Latin America and Africa. Regrettably some of these immigrants have faced discrimination and prejudice. Several churches and Christian organisations are starting Spanish courses and offering legal advice and advocacy. Pray that the Lord will touch the lives of the immigrants through the preaching and testimony of the church, and that he will challenge the prejudices and xenophobic attitudes in sections of the wider population.

February 2019
IFES movement bearing fruit across South America

IFES movement in Chile recently employed Pablo as staff in Punta Arenas to support student ministry there and, working with the Argentinian movement, to pioneer across Patagonia. In January, Pablo and a team travelled 4000km around Argentinian Patagonia, making contact with many believers, including Matias, soon starting university in Comodoro who is keen to start a group there. He organised a meeting to encourage believers to start Christian groups on campus, and his friend’s non-believing girlfriend came. Pablo writes: “It wasn't the most appropriate place, maybe it wasn't the most appropriate talk for a non-believer, but that young guest gave her life to Jesus. It was not within our plans, but God is full of grace.” Ask God to continue to draw students to him across Patagonia.

Church Mission Society
February 2019
"Walking in Liberty" changes prison inmates

“None of us came to Bible study to change… We came because it was something to do. But we’ve all changed, you can see that.” These are the words of a Texan prison inmate to a representative of Walking in Liberty, based in Lima. The ministry is currently building relationships with English-speaking women in two prisons, spending time with them talking, praying, singing and studying the Bible. Pray that their work would bear fruit that lasts in the lives of each of the women they meet with, and for wisdom, energy and healthy boundaries for the ministry.

Mission Aviation Fellowship UK
February 2019
Medical NGO teams treat ebola and malaria

Ebola continues to spread in DRC. As of December 2018, there have been nearly 500 confirmed cases and 285 lives lost. Malaria has also begun spreading in the same areas. Pray for the medical NGO teams working to treat the sick and contain the spread of the diseases through public health campaigns. Pray especially for the people in North Kivu Province, where the current Ebola outbreak is centred, and where more than a million people have been displaced by ongoing conflict. Pray for healing, comfort and strength for families touched by the disease and an end to the outbreak.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
February 2019
The light of the gospel in some dark situations

The ongoing conflict in CAR is both hindering and opening doors for God's kingdom. Pray for pastors and Bible translators who are unable to move freely and carry out the work God has given them, burdened by threats, actual persecution or fears for family members. Pray that their lives will shine with the light of the gospel in some very dark situations, and that they will be able to reach the people they want to minister to. Pray too for the biblical trauma healing work going on in CAR and that many will come to know God's healing power through this work.

AIM International
Eastern Africa -
February 2019
Laarim children of South Sudan
Church growth for the Laarim people

The Laarim people in South Sudan have started an indigenous church. Last month was the first ever Laarim-led worship service in the village of Yei. It was a service complete with Laarim gospel songs accompanied by a drum, and the telling of a Bible story by a Laarim youth. This is one of numerous little churches sprouting up in different villages throughout Kimatong. Pray for these churches to grow and spread throughout this people group.

AIM International
February 2019
Rift Valley Academy student in library
Rift Valley Academy Christian boarding school

Rift Valley Academy (RVA) is a Christian boarding school established by AIM in central Kenya with over a 100 years of rich history. It serves about 500 missionary children, representing 30 nationalities and 80 mission organisations and churches. Pray for its ministry supporting current mission work, while investing in the next generation of missionaries and gospel-bearers. Pray for the staff and children at RVA, that it would be an environment where children feel supported and cared for, as well as develop their own relationship with Christ. Pray too for the families who send their children to RVA, as they can struggle with the separation too.

Emmanuel International
February 2019
Church leaders being trained for rural Northern Uganda
Training church leaders for rural Northern Uganda

Emmanuel International partners with the Janani Luwum Theological College in Gulu and the Bishop Lee Rayfield Leadership Training Centre in a small rural centre near Pader Town. They train lay church leaders for their local congregations in rural Northern Uganda. As such, they are the “boots on the ground”, sharing the gospel and discipling new believers into Christian maturity. Pray that these pastors will complete their theological training, to be grounded and deeply rooted in biblical truth; and that they would gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the power of the gospel.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
February 2019
Audio translator needed for Kenyan people group

The majority of the Weera* people of Kenya are Muslims, and their homeland is unstable. For a few years the Weera people have had the Gospel of Luke in print but not yet in audio. Pray for a breakthrough in this area which does not compromise the team’s safety, and that many will hear God’s word. The team are also looking for a new translator. Pray for God to call the right person to translate his word for the Weera people. Pray too for God to prepare the way for as many Weera people as possible to be able to receive the New Testament, which is hoped to be completed by 2022. *name changed for security reasons.


Transform Europe Network
February 2019
Children in summer camp
Spiritual awakening for faith in Jesus

The post war (1992-1995) socio-economic situation is troubled and recovery is slow. Bosnia and Herzegovina still struggles with poverty. Organised crime syndicates thrive and prohibit the country from joining the EU. The “brain and youth drain” sap Bosnia’s potential; 60% of young people want to leave the country. Pray for economic transformation and for a new generation of Bosnians to stay and help the country to develop. Pray for God to bring deep healing and reconciliation from the hurt and divisions created during the war. Pray for a spiritual awakening – for people to come to faith in Jesus Christ, in a country where only 0.1% of the population are evangelical Christians. Pray for the summer camps 2019, where children and young people will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

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