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Sphere - Issue 2

The world is changing faster than ever before. Nowhere is that more true than in the huge numbers of people moving into large urban conurbations - especially in the non-western world. The rate of urbanisation has reached an unprecedented level. It took the UK 140 years to move from being 20% urban to 40%; it has taken China just 20 years!

Cities now house huge numbers of the poor and marginalised, with something like one third of those moving into cities ending up in shanty towns. However, the majority of Christian mission still seems to concentrate on rural areas. At the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town 2010, Tim Keller from New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan emphasised the importance of mission in cities and megacities. While cities have distinct challenges that must be taken into account, Tim Keller believes that we have more opportunity than ever before to pray, share and offer the righteousness of Jesus Christ to our cities.

As well as the urban poor, cities also consist of the people who have the biggest impact on the world’s cultures - business dealers, film makers, authors, artists and huge numbers of young people. How can we engage in mission in the urban context with such a wide range of challenges?

We would love to be able to share inspiring stories on our website as well as any useful resources about mission in an urban context. Do get in touch with us.

Martin Lee
Director of Global Connections

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