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A place where you can go to get all the help you need in running a charity.
Providing quality educational services for Africa and the Middle East
Legal services to churches, charities, ministries and Christian businesses or enterprises.
Professional services consultancy combining a top legal practice with specialists in compliance, impact and advisory.
Brierley Consultancy is available to help churches, or Christian organisations in the areas of vision building, strategic enabling and interpretative research
VAT and tax consultants
Online Member Care with an experienced Clinical Psychologist
Church consultant and trainer specialising in creative organisation and people skills
Supporter recruitment and supporter relationship development
We help Charities and Businesses increase their effectiveness by the strategic re-alignment of People or Property Assets
Strategy and Management in the Digital Landscape
Sunergos ministry can provide independent, experienced support to any project, team, ministry, mission leader or individual who needs assistance.
We are committed to serving by providing clinical, learning and consultancy services so that people and organisations Thrive Worldwide.
Helping your organisation achieve lasting benefits from better supporter relationships