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Private medical insurance

Global Connections has partnered with Talent Trust to create a group medical insurance policy for career / long-term missionaries.

Since 1991 Talent Trust has served 60,000 missionaries in over 180 countries partnering with over 1,200 mission agencies, and paying out over $60 million in claims.

The challenges of missions life can limit the impact of a missionary’s ministry. We provide missionaries with the resources to stay physically, mentally and financially healthy, so they can thrive as long as needed in their calling.

Fulfill your calling and thrive in the field with Talent Trust.

In addition to a comprehensive medical insurance plan, you also receive: 

 ✓    vHealth

-  Free virtual healthcare, from the comfort of your home. For use in the UK and abroad.

✓     SecuriTT

 - Comprehensive security advice, information, and support to stay safe.

✓     Member Assistance Program

 - Licensed mental health therapists, family counselors, leadership & development coaches, and more to help you thrive in daily life, or through a crisis.

✓     My Strength app

 - Help for stress, anxiety, chronic pain and more.

✓     Talent Trust Gives Back

 - Returning profits to members to keep costs down.                   

✓     Mercy Fund

 - Help for things that fall outside of a normal insurance policy.

For details of the plan and to get a quote, please visit the web site

- Free group Coaching with qualified coaches

✓     Thrive Together

Get a quote today for a 20-30% discount.


Note:  This is private medical insurance that can be used in the UK or abroad. 

Standard travel insurance does not cover you in the UK.  Many UK missionaries are no longer eligible for free NHS care./