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Recruiting and managing remotely

Are you new to recruiting remotely and not sure how to do it?  How do you make remote recruiting work for you? What are the best methods and tools to use? What else do you need to consider? And how can you manage remote teams well?

In the current circumstances many organisations are still needing to recruit for essential posts, and are quickly having to redesign their recruitment processes so that they can move forward in finding new staff.


Working remotely

Are you new to working from home and not sure how to do it? Can working from home make you more unproductive? How do you cope with unexpected distractions? How do you make remote working work for you and your employer? Are you worried about sustaining this for the long haul?

Before you read any further, why not pause and pray this Prayer for Working from Home by Will Sorrell. 


CV writing tips

Getting your CV up to scratch takes time and effort - but it's worth it! This section looks at everything from length, layout and what to include, to avoiding CV blunders and more.
  • How to write a CV - excellent short video from Guardian Jobs, advising on length, layout and what to include.
Blogs and articles

    Careers advice

    We've done the work to save you the bother! In this section we bring together some of the best advice and guidance from a range of different sources to help you with different stages of job hunting. 

    Whether you're working out how to fill out an application form, update your CV, write a good cover letter, or want help with preparing for an interview, you should find something really useful here - just follow the links to the Related topics below. 


    Longer-term mission

    Longer-term mission could be anything from two years or more. At Christian Vocations we’re passionate about reaching the world for Jesus, and encouraging and releasing people into longer-term mission overseas or within the UK is a key part of our vision.


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