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Options Coaching - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance

Options Coaching offers a series of three coaching sessions with a trained and suitably qualified coach for individual Christians seeking someone to enable them to more effectively set and fulfil their goals and ambitions in life and service, whether in decision making or issue resolution.

On completion of the online Application Form the Client should expect to hear from Global Connections within five working days.  The suitability of coaching for the Client will then be determined on the basis of that contact.  Should the Coaching Consultant recommend that coaching go ahead then payment should be made at that stage.

On receipt of payment the Client is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and to have entered an agreement with Global Connections Caswell Road, Leamington Spa CV31 1QD through its ministry Christian Vocations.

Price and payment

The Client agrees to pay Global Connections the advertised fee for a series of three consultations, which must be paid in full to Global Connections in advance of any consultations being arranged.

Prices published by Global Connections are subject to revision at any time.

Payment must be settled in accordance with the terms shown on the invoice. 

Allocating a Coach

Options Coaching depends on a number of Coaches spread over a wide geographical area. Every effort will be made to partner the Client with an appropriate Coach within a reasonable distance to them. Should this not be possible, there is the opportunity to fulfil this via Skype, if available to the Client. If not, Global Connections reserves the right to refund payment and cancel the agreement.

Client non-attendance

If the Client fails to attend a coaching session(s) that has been arranged, and is deemed not to have made a reasonable attempt to cancel or rearrange the session with the Coach (at least 24 hours’ notice), unless there are mitigating circumstances there will generally be no refund given for the missed session, nor another session offered in its place.

Coach non-attendance / non-availability

If the Coach needs to re-schedule a coaching session they will be expected to give the Client at least 24 hours’ notice (unless there are mitigating circumstances).

If during the course of the coaching series a Coach becomes unavailable, Global Connections will endeavour to resolve this situation either by finding an immediate replacement, or by cancelling the agreement and providing a refund (see ‘suspension’ below).

Cancellation / suspension

Cancellation of the coaching service by the Client must be received in writing or via email by Global Connections by at least one week before the first coaching session.

If the Coaching series has already begun when the cancellation is received, no refund will be offered.

If the Coaching series has not begun when the cancellation is received, 50% of the cost of the service may be refunded at the discretion of Global Connections.

If the Client chooses to suspend the coaching series, it may be possible to complete the programme if it is restarted within 3 calendar months, and the Coach is available to resume this service.

Extending the coaching series

Once the initial series of three consultations has been completed, the Client may request up to three further consultations if they feel it would be beneficial. The Client should raise this with their Coach, who will discuss it with Global Connections first before any arrangement is made with the Client. The cost for further consultations will be as advertised.

Options Coaching will offer a maximum of six coaching sessions per Client.


The Client can expect that their Coach will not divulge to third parties matters confidential to them without their explicit permission.

Limitations on Global Connections’ Liability

Coaches are self-employed contractors.

Global Connections ensures that Coaches used in Options Coaching are appropriately trained and qualified.

Coaches provide their own public liability and professional indemnity insurance.