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Terms and conditions for advertising

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance:

The job and mission opportunity advertising service is offered especially for network members but is extended to other users by agreement. Global Connections primarily serves the evangelical constituency within the UK Church.

Global Connections reserves the right to suspend or not to accept an advertisement for any good reason if they deem it to be in the best interests of the network or GC's good reputation.

Advertisers who are registered charities or companies need to be compliant with regulations and standards established the Charity Commission / Companies House, e.g. have up to date accounts filed, etc., and not subject to investigation by any regulatory body.

a. Advertisers need to have a clear understanding of and respect for the clear Christian identity and faith position of Global Connections and Christian Vocations, and operate in ways that encourage cooperation and harmony with other organisations. See http://www.globalconnections.org.uk/about-us/basis-of-the-network 

b. Advertisers are responsible for compliance with advertising standards and legislation currently in statute on issues relating to discrimination and recruitment.

c. Advertisers agree to settle invoices in accordance with the terms shown on the invoice. (See 7-9 below)

d. Inclusion of advertising through Christian Vocations does not imply full endorsement of that organisation.

If any of the above conditions are not met, Global Connections (GC) reserves the right to remove or refuse advertising services or resources.

Terms and Conditions of Advertising:

All Advertisements accepted for publication by Global Connections in any of its print or online publications are accepted subject to these terms and conditions. Any other conditions proposed by the Customer shall be void.

2. In these conditions:

  • 'Advertiser' means the person whose goods or services are advertised;
  • 'Advertisement' means display, recruitment, online, email, mail order and classified advertising and shall include inserts, supplements and re-directed advertisements;
  • 'Customer' means the person placing the order for the insertion of the Advertisement;
  • 'Medium' means the print or online publication taking the booking.
  • 'GC Site' means the GC website(s) onto which an Advertisement is sold

3. These conditions and terms of the contract between Global Connections (GC) and the Customer shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of England.

The Customer agrees in its conduct of business with GC strictly to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, codes, regulations, standards and judicial and administrative orders.

4. The Customer affirms they are contracting with GC even if acting directly or indirectly for the Advertiser as an advertising agent or in some other representative capacity. Where the Customer is the Advertiser's advertising agency, the Customer guarantees that it is authorised by the Advertiser to place the Advertisement with GC.

Materials used in advertising

5. Materials submitted must conform to GC’s specifications. GC reserves the right to charge the Customer for work itrequired to amend materials to conform to its specifications but accepts no liability for such work.

6. Any intellectual property rights in designs prepared by GC shall remain the property of GC and Advertisements including such designs may not be reproduced without GC’s consent.

Prices and Payment

7. Prices published by GC are subject to revision at any time and orders are accepted on the condition that the price binds GC only in respect of the period or publication specified.

8. Prices are exclusive of applicable Value Added Tax which the Customer shall additionally be liable to pay to GC, where this is applicable.

9. Credit accounts must be settled in accordance with the terms shown on the invoice, which are strictly net. In default, all outstanding transactions will become liable for immediate settlement. 

Limitations on GC’s Liability

10. GC shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer as a result of any total or partial failure (howsoever caused) of publication, distribution or availability of any Medium in which any Advertisement is scheduled to be included – the only exception being as outlined in point 11. This also covers any error, misprint or omission in the printing of any Advertisement.

In the event of an error or omission by GC, which detracts materially from the Advertisement, GC will either reinsert / display the Advertisement in a subsequent issue if feasible and applicable, or make a reasonable refund of or adjustment to the price paid by the Customer. No reinsertion, refund or adjustment will be made for any other error or omission or where the error or omission is the result of delivery of materials which do not comply with GC’s specifications.

11. The total liability of GC to the Customer for any act or omission of GC or its agents relating to any Advertisement shall not exceed the amount of a full refund of any price paid to GC for the Advertisement. Without limiting previous clauses, GC shall not be liable for any loss of profits or business or for indirect or consequential loss. GC accepts no liability for the repetition of an error in an Advertisement ordered for more than one insertion unless notified immediately the error occurs. Complaints regarding reproduction of printed Advertisements must be received in writing.

12. GC accepts no responsibility for the quality of reproduction of any photograph supplied by the Customer, its agents or servants.

Cancellation or suspension

13. Cancellation or suspension of an Advertisement by the Customer must be received in writing or via email by GC within the period specified for the appropriate publication.

14. GC reserves the right to omit or suspend an Advertisement at any time for good reason, without liability to the Customer and shall notify the Customer as soon as possible. (See Terms of Acceptance above.) If such omission or suspension is due to the act or default of the Customer, the Advertiser or their respective agents, then the Customer shall pay for the Advertisement in full even if the Advertisement has not been published.

Customer's Warranties and Indemnities

15. The Customer guarantees that the Advertisement does not contravene the British Code of Advertising Practice and is not in breach of any relevant legislation, including the Equality Act 2010, the Obscene Publications Act and any other legislation or regulation, such as those relating to the provision of Financial Services, which apply to specific Advertisers, products or services.

16. If any Advertisement submitted for publication contains the name or pictorial representation (photographic or otherwise) of any living person that enables that person to be identified the Customer guarantees that they or their agent has obtained the authority of that person to use their name or image in this way.

17. The Customer will indemnify GC from and against any claim that the Advertisement infringes the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any person or is defamatory.

18. The Customer is solely responsible for fulfilling and dealing with any enquiries resulting from the Advertisement, and will indemnify and hold GC harmless accordingly.


19. For publications such as directories, where copy is required, it must be supplied by the Customer. If copy instructions are not received by the agreed date, no guarantee can be given that any agreed proofs will be supplied or corrections made and GC reserves the right to repeat the most appropriate recent copy or omit the Advertisement. Where a layout or proof is submitted to the Customer, it must be returned on the date specified and GC reserves the right to publish the Advertisement according to their layout scheme if the proof is not returned on the date specified. In any of these cases, the total price of the order will remain unaltered.

20. Charges will be made to the Customer where printers are involved in extra production work owing to acts or defaults of the Customer or the Advertiser.

21. GC cannot guarantee the position of any printed Advertisement. Advertisements will be placed as near as possible to the selected position as the page layout permits.

22. Changes in printed copy must be confirmed in writing by the Customer in time for the changes to be made to the Advertisement by GC. GC reserves the right to charge for any additional expenses involved in such changes.


23. The Customer must provide complete content / details to GC in a format compliant with GC specifications.

24. To cancel or amend details the Customer must inform GC by e-mail. If a cancellation request is received before 4pm on the same day the Advertisement is submitted no charge will be made. If the request is made after this but within a 72 hour period, 50% of the fee will be charged. After 72 hours the Customer will be liable for the full cost of the Advertisement.

25. If an Advertisement links to another site, the Customer is responsible for maintaining the link and for the content of the linked site. GC may remove any Advertisement which contains content or links to a site which, in GC’s opinion, is defamatory or objectionable or will bring GC into disrepute. The Customer will indemnify GC from and against any claims or liability arising from links contained in an Advertisement.

26. Advertisements may contain only such information as is necessary to run the Advertisement effectively on the relevant GC Site. Advertisements may not contain tags, cookies or similar technology which identifies users of any GC Site or enables the Customer or any third party to serve such users with any advertising other than the Advertisement.

27. The Customer's sole remedy if GC make an error in displaying any Advertisement is the cost of re-running the relevant Advertisement. GC shall not be liable for failure to display the Advertisement caused by circumstances outside their control.

28. In normal circumstances GC will endeavour to make a job advertisement live within one working day, if not sooner. However, this is not a contractual commitment. 


29. Any Customer or Advertiser who is either an employment agency or an employment must ensure that Advertisements comply with their obligations under the Act and the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2004.

30. Customers and Advertisers agree to deal fairly and professionally with individuals who may respond to a recruitment related Advertisement and to indemnify GC from and against any claim brought by an individual against GC arising from a breach of this obligation or any other of these terms and conditions.

31. GC does not guarantee any response to recruitment related Advertisements or that responses will be from individuals suitable for the job advertised. It is the Advertisers responsibility to carry out such checks and procedures as are necessary to ensure that candidates are suitable for the job advertised and have the required qualifications and personal characteristics.