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Working out whether you really need to recruit

A staff member has just handed in their notice, your church is growing and you would like to strengthen the youth work, or your organisation has a new area of ministry you would like to move into. It’s a good idea before just pressing ahead with a recruitment process to take some time to stand back and look at your organisation / church, your staffing needs, and plan ahead.

What is really needed?

Could these needs be met by a reallocation of duties amongst the existing staff team? Would training or development of current staff meet the needs? Or do you really need to establish a new role (full or part-time) in order to meet your needs?

How long-term is the post likely to be?

Is this a temporary post (such as might be needed right at the start of a new project), or do you envisage something longer term?

(Think carefully about this as it is harder, generally, to recruit for temporary rather than permanent posts. And ensure that you are familiar with the law regarding temporary / fixed-term contracts.) 

What new skills or specific duties are required?

Get these clearly thought out before starting by doing some job analysis.