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International FAQs

In your table of International opportunities, click on the 'edit' link for each opportunity and check the details, updating as necessary. At the bottom of the page you will need to accept our terms and conditions and select a listing period - to renew the opportunity beyond March 2020 select 'Mar 20 - Mar 21'. Then click save and move on to the next opportunity.

They are an optional page type on the Christian Vocations website.

Examples of sites / projects you might want to put up could be a school that your partners work in, a national office, or another large project that you are trying to recruit workers for.

Their purpose is three-fold:

  1. To give a fuller context to individual job opportunities appearing on the website without the need to duplicate or necessarily regularly update information. It may also be possible to provide types of information that are not available for individual job opportunities e.g. photos.
  2. To flesh out the type of ministries that the organisation is involved in for people using the ‘Search by organisation’ option, without the need to put up specific current job opportunities. Site/projects will be accessible from the organisation profile page on the GC website.
  3. To help standardise contact details and website links for job opportunities where they are not unique, so that they can easily be changed in the event of staff turnover, changes to the website etc.

We will send you an invoice once you start submitting your international vacancies, to the person you give as the contact.