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CV writing tips

Getting your CV up to scratch takes time and effort - but it's worth it! This section looks at everything from length, layout and what to include, to avoiding CV blunders and more.

  • How to write a CV - excellent short video from Guardian Jobs, advising on length, layout and what to include.
  • How to write a CV - less than 3 minute video from Monster, with tips and tricks to create an effective and engaging CV.
Blogs and articles
  • Downloadable CV template - a basic Guardian Jobs CV template
  • CV examples and samples - Reed offers a range of CV templates including graduate, school leaver, creative and redundancy
  • The most creative CVs of 2015 - Charity Job competition participants were challenged to look beyond the traditional CV and come up with a more creative way to showcase their talents and experience - and these are the results!

Applying for roles - Once you've prepared your CV and found a role that you'd like to apply for, you may be asked to fill out an application form. Learn how to showcase your skills and experience with this helpful advice from CIPD.​

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