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Options Coaching

Options Coaching is a service provided by professional Christian coaches for Christians who are keen to:

  • discover and explore their options in future service and work
  • transition from one role or position to the next
  • resolve issues in relation to leadership, work and service
  • pursue their God-given dreams and calling

    Registering for Options Coaching will enable you to meet with a professional coach for an initial three sessions, with a focus on one or more issues, as illustrated above. All three sessions are offered for only £115. (If there is some hesitation because of the cost, we are able to break this down in stages for you. See heading above - How much does it cost?)

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    If you already have an account with Christian Vocations (e.g. job alerts) please log in and select 'Sign up for Options Coaching' from your user page. If you do not yet have an account with us, register here.

    Coaching is a way of ‘walking and working with you’ at this time in your life, when you wish to discover, follow, determine, develop or resolve issues concerned with your life of service and work. This is done over a series of meetings, rather than a one-off consultancy.

    Coaching is not telling you what you should do, or what the coach thinks you should do. It is spending time with you, helping you reflect on your agenda and a way forward into God-honouring and God-given paths with your gifts and life.

    It is not counselling, mentoring, teaching or supervising. It focusses on your agenda, with the help of God’s Spirit, to move further forward into God’s plans.

    With Options Coaching, the initial agreement between you, ourselves and one of our network of coaches, is to provide you with three sessions, to tackle the issue that is of most interest for you at present. 

    Following your registration, you will be contacted by Christian Vocation’s Coaching Consultant, with the view of having a brief telephone conversation to clarify the process and answer any specific questions about the Coaching activity. (This will be in anticipation, not part of your series of three sessions.)

    From this conversation the Coaching Consultant will determine which coach will be assigned to you for the planned sessions. Normally, this will be the closest to you geographically. The Coaching Consultant will then need to verify the availability of the coach, before providing contact details for communication between yourself and the coach to establish the first meeting, during which the timing between sessions will be mutually agreed.

    The preference is for coaching sessions to be ‘in person’, but where mutually agreed and if preferred, might continue via Skype.

    If you feel at the end of three sessions that you wish to extend this agreement for a further three sessions, you can opt for an extension at that point.

     Standard package, for a three-session series £115 *
     Extended package, for an additional three sessions ** £115

    * Session 1 (£45) - an introductory session, enabling you to understand the potential before committing to further coaching. Sessions 2 & 3 (£70  i.e. 2 x £35). A total of £115.
    You choose whether to pay the full cost or in two instalments at registration. If you choose to pay in two instalments, the introductory session fee (£45) is to be paid at registration, the remaining £70 before the second session.

    ** This is only initiated at your request and with the agreement of your coach, and will normally only be discussed in the third session of the standard package.

    Although the fees involved are considerably below normal levels we recognise they still might be a challenge for some. Because we believe this is a vital resource and service, we encourage you to consider approaching your church leadership for possible assistance and support to aid you in your growth and discipleship. 

    All the coaches in the Options Coaching network are Christians who are appropriately trained and qualified. Christian Vocations has screened each individual and established an agreement with them to work with us, and you, in the goal to help you move forward in the areas of your Christian life and discipleship you identify.

    This small, dedicated group of practitioners align themselves with our objectives and ambitions in this coaching service. They are geographically spread in the UK, in our desire that this service is available to any Christian who would benefit from such help.

    For each coach, working with Options Coaching is just one element of their work and service. Find out more about them here.

    The difference is often more clearly seen in the focus, the level of interaction and the time frame involved.

    • A mentor is usually someone who has ‘been there, done that, and got the T shirt’ in the particular sphere of work or life similar to the person they are mentoring. From their experience and ‘maturity’ the mentor seeks to guide and encourage the individual. A coach does not need to have had similar experience or awareness of the individual’s circumstances.
    • A mentor may well suggest or advise the person they are mentoring on what they might see as best for them to do or act upon. A coach generally doesn’t do this, but helps the individual reflect, discover and decide on actions and outcomes for themselves.
    • A mentoring relationship might last for a longer or more indefinite period of time, perhaps meeting infrequently. A coach will meet the person they are coaching for a shorter period of time - generally agreed at the outset - to achieve specific goals or objectives. After a specific objective has been reached, then the relationship will usually cease, or at least pause.

    Generally, a counsellor is there to help individuals resolve problems or issues in their lives, and by definition will refer ‘backwards’ to what has happened in order to help the individual resolve the issues or struggles they identify – even if the individual doesn’t see them at the outset. The coach is always trying to help the individual to look forwards to achieve the objectives they have themselves set.