North Africa | Christian Vocations

North Africa

Location: Northern Africa

Our teams in North Africa are seeking to sensitively share Christ’s love with those they befriend. The people of the region are predominantly Muslim; less than one percent of the population have accepted the Gospel. There is currently no active Christian witness to several of the nomadic people groups. We believe that through stepping out in faith to share the Good News with the North African people, God will use us to minister to those who are seeking hope and answers to life’s questions.

Many people are looking for solutions to their nation’s problems, and to personal challenges; unemployment, a lack of social welfare and harsh economic inequality are experienced by many. There is also the threat of extremist movements growing in the background. Despite the current circumstances, this is a significant time for Christians to show love and share the hope they have – more people have become believers and showing deep interest than ever before. More workers are needed to take up opportunities in areas where Jesus is simply not yet known.

In the face of everyday discrimination, indigenous believers are persevering in following Jesus. Mission workers, by responding with flexibility and ongoing commitment, continue to build relationships and support growing local fellowships. Through working in a variety of businesses, social projects, teaching or tourism, our workers are connected with people from all walks of life. It is our hope that they will disciple those they befriend by sharing with them about Jesus.